Hard Reject WordPress Theme - Need Help please 1st upload


I am trying to upload my very 1st theme, have worked on it for a few months but I got hard rejected. Could you
please give me some feedback? I appreciate any help. Can’t give up now. Thank you all.

You can find the landing here:
Demo page

This is their reply:
isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

Thank you:)


There are a lot of issues with your template, sorry because I said so but this is the reality.

  1. There are issues with: spacing (paddin/margin all over the place)

  2. Unstyled buttons/inputs

  3. The design looks more like it comes from 2010 rather than an current design.

  4. Be consistend with paddings/margins/button types

I suggest you to take yourself some time and accommodate with the quality from this marketplace then start it over.


Thank you for the honest feedback. I will review and make some changes.

@MarleneYetsye I doubt you can’t re-submit a hard rejected theme.

If I were the reviewer, I’d say -

You did some great work making a WordPress theme. However, the success of it depends upon how great it looks, not how hard you worked. Probably, that’s the reason why make-up matters. :slight_smile:

  1. Your theme didn’t use proper styling and spacing between sections.
  2. And as said by @ThemeSLR if you released this one before 2010, it would’ve been accepted and got better sales.

It is evident that you got what it takes to make a good theme, you just need a spoon of love for design.
So, I think its better to observe the trending themes on market and completely redesign the theme to match themeforest standards.

Hope you got it and Good Luck.

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Thank you for feedback. I agree with comments so far. To be honest I
focused more on code than design. I will make some changes and focus in

Thanks any further feedback is welcomed.

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Thanks for the feedback you gave some months ago. Since then I have made
some design changes, I would love to get your feedback before finalizing
and resubmitting. Thank you any feedback is appreciated.

OLD site before redesign:

NEW Site Design:


hi your layout seem push each other, and the header text cross each other