Can you please tell me why my item was "Hard rejected"?

Hi, my wordpress theme was hard rejected and i dont know what to fix, can you please tell me what is wrong with it, any constructive criticism is welcomed, and btw its my technically my first “finished” theme.
Here is the demo :

The design is very far from TF standards. Typography, spacing is very bad. Avoid random but bad effects like unpleasant drop-shadows. Don’t use copyrighted images. This would require huge improvements to be re-submitted again.


Just compare your product with existing items.

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So i need to improve on the front end?

The first step is design. In my opinion, the improvements on this design would have to be so significant that it would virtually be a new design. I suggest, before going straight into coding, first go through items in the UI & WordPress category on TF to get a grasp of bare minimum design standards.

If your design is not at par, it would keep getting hard rejected, no matter the code quality.

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Thank you for the advice (: I will try a new design and resubmit again

very useful content!