Any WP Expert - HELP ME; Why hard reject our item?

Today, I got the hard rejection for the first item that I submitted to ThemeForest. I really worked hard on this and tried to make sure everything is up to date.

I have 2 times submitted our item. 1st time says soft reject but 2nd time hard rejected. But 2nd time our demo quality best from the 1st time.

Here’s the reason they gave:
unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

I have got 2 screens short of ThemeForest review team.

Please guide me; How complete customization?

Our Demo link:

Hello, i had a quick look at your template, here is what i can say, given that iam NOT a WordPress expert:

  • Overall design seems clearly outdated
  • Many alignment and spacing issues (for me personally AND according to ThemeForest standards, wich are very high)
  • Typeface needs to be rethought, typography hierarchy definitly needs some improvement
  • Colors dont add anything special (i find them boring but it’s personal :slight_smile: )
  • Choose better demo images, the ones in the portfolio aren’t good. Invest in stock photo pack, it’s important to make sales. Customers won’t buy a product that is not attractive, you can count on it.

I think that you should ask a designer to give you some advice, or maybe hire one if you or members of your team cannot do design. Nowadays, it’s crucial to make sales and, of course, to be approved before that.

Hope it helps, Thanks !

cssninjaStudio thanks for guide me.
I will try your suggestion and come back to you to check our theme.

Best Regards

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