WordPress Theme hard rejected, we can't figure out what went wrong


1 Feedback from author on first submission.

Theme is too plain / basic, It looks an incomplete project to me. Example(s): https://envato.d.pr/vudAc/1dFjokz1

Please, do some research, gather ideas and re-work the design and structure of the theme. It is really poor as it stands.

2 Feedback from author on resubmission

  1. Any incomplete theme will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with an incomplete submission and creating a review delays:

Here are some resources for you:

Guys, I would like to hear your opinion, want to know what exactly went wrong.

Thanks for your time.

Its basically too simple for themeforest.

Btw this (http://prntscr.com/gmxpnv) does not look so good.

Thank you

If I make necessary changes, can I submit the theme again?

If its a soft reject, changing necessary things could work. But you have got hard reject. I suggest you work on a new design.