Item hard rejected for two times

I’m New on themeforest.

I was uploaded a wordpress theme and it soft rejected 5-6 times . Every time quality team send me some
feedback/issues , i carefully fixed them and resubmit . In all soft rejected feedback none of them are same repeated issues.
Then one day (in review process) due to some server issue css files did not loaded properly and site mess up and i got hard rejected first time.

Then i fixed server issues and re submit the theme again(New fresh submit) without making any changes,
because it was server isses and not coding issue.

Then after 22days i got a feedback your item is HARD rejected and you cant resubmit again and quality team does not point out any issues/reason for hard rejected.

Can anyone help me what i need to do now?
Thank you.

can show me your theme…means any demo url then i can tell you what’s the problem in your theme

Here is the demo link

It’s kinda outdated plus that I see many fundamental design issues there, Footer for example is barely breathing, there’s 0 white space, you should work on that, Footer’s background is also distracting.
Maybe take a look at themes on themeforest and study some design theory then start fresh on a new design.
BTW if you never had an accepted item, I’d suggest starting by submitting an HTML version of your design before proceeding to Wordpress, if it gets accepted then you’re on the right track :slight_smile:

Looks outdated, you should improve design detail, spacing & typography
Ex: tab button, buttons, footer spacing, heading font & size… they all need to improve