WordPress Theme hard Rejected Feedback


We created Garden WordPress Theme http://floristo.themetechmount.com/themeselector/
We submitted this theme 7 month ago and it soft rejected. So we do major changes in it and again resubmit it. And again it rejected with some changes. Same repeat with more 3,4 time. And last time we submit it on 7-9-2018 because they suggest us minor changes like Demo performance, spacing, typography, hierarchy. We solve all these issue with major layout and all other changes. And they Hard Rejected on our last submit.
So i just want to ask is there any reason why our theme rejected ? And if you want to rejected our theme than why are you not Hard Rejected it on First time submit. So we just leave this theme and start other new project.
We need to know the reason of hard rejected because we checked latest new WordPress theme daily on your site and they are also same quality as our site. So if we making any mistakes in our site and let us know.



As you can see the new review time for WP Themes is less than 1x day. They are now hard rejecting almost all the themes.

Nowadays the hard rejection is (received in less than one day) = a soft rejection. As I understand, since the new WP Rules were introduced, many items will be hard rejected for less problems (then few months ago).

What you can do now, double check the new WP Standards (design + code), and then resubmit your item.

P.S: Your item is pretty good. I’ve seen many bad items rejected (here on the forums) but is just me or this item is not so bad?!

You can also submit a ticket at the Author Envato Help team and ask for more feedback and/or the hard rejection was a mistake.

Good Luck! (Please don’t forget to post the results/updates here)