[Hard Rejection] [quality standards]

Just got an email from envato informing me of a hard rejection (quality standards) on my WordPress template submission. I’m looking for your feedback on the reasons that could be the causing that rejection.

Demo: http://demo.joomsky.com/job-hunter/

Please if anyone can have a look and let me know the mistakes/problems so I can fix them and resubmit.

Thanks in advance.

With due respects, your design is outdated with old pattern backgrounds.
Spacing & alignment issues are all over the place.
Visual hierarchy & typo issues
Glitches on some element on hovering or page scrolling.
There are scrollbars (both ver & hor) on 1366 resolutions.
Some misfunctional controls.

As a conclusion the design is far from the standard to be approved.
Try harder!
Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.
can you point me in right direction for how can i improve my designs to the latest trends ?

Bad typography, colors, spacing, alignment, etc you need practice more for approved sell themeforest.


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