Help Me with your Ideas (REJECT)

Hello Everyone,
Today I got a hard reject for my Wordpress theme. it’s the first time the reviewer has put a comment for me but what he told me in the comment is not really clear. I would be really grateful if you could give me your ideas about reviewer point.
Theme Demo link:

And also the reviewer comment:
I am afraid this item is pretty poor and quite far from prime ready. It would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of work to get it to a point where we would consider going further with a full review. So I am afraid I will have to hard reject it on this instance.

Examples of areas which look terribly bland and/or unfinished but there are many more:

We are only considering items that really stand-out and have been carefully crafted.

Thanks in advance for your help

Beside some spacing/padding issues, you will need to improve the design. It’s generic

Thanks for your help. @ki-themes
I’m looking forward for other authors feedback too

I am sorry but this looks very amateurish. The only interesting thing are those illustrations, which I assume are not yours. Other than that, you are VERY far from the required standards. You need to spend some good years working on your skills before you try to submit something here.

Hi, We have checked your template. Design is very disturbed with this design.

  1. Remove animations.
  2. remove unwanted extra graphics.
  3. improve typography and font
  4. Fix spacing and alignment issues.
  5. Update colors
    You need to spend extra time. Because Envato not a customer. Absorb what type of designs expected customers now a days. Check popular designs.

I can request check the latest update designs

Thank you all for you helps.
I will apply your opinions and hope to be one day beside you as theme forest author