Wordpress Theme Rejected - Need Help.

Hi Guys,

I am here looking from some true feedback about my wordpress product.

I have uploaded a theme, which is getting softReject due to design quality issues.

Reason :
Your design needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details. examples: https://envato.d.pr/vEx5gQ
https://envato.d.pr/AlQVN8 and more throughout.
Additionally, please check your demo pages thoroughly and resolve any obvious issues (i.e. broken links, blurry imagery, etc) before resubmitting this item

Looking at the screenshots i am not able to understand exact problem.
Please can someone help understand the issues with this theme ?

Any sort of suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi iqonicthemes !

if it’s a soft reject then you must get the changes done / fixes as per envato reviewers instructions. it’s really not up for the mark … you need to improve your design quality, check out other theme providers as well.

Most welcome.

Thanks Promitionking.

I can definitely work on design. Reviewer has highlighted few things in screenshots he gave.
But i am unable to understand what exactly he is trying to point out. Hence i am missing the proper direction.
Moreover​ we checked couple of new themes on marketplace which are similar to our. Infact at time ours look better.
Secondly we had the html version of same theme approved in our portfolio.

Any help that can give us a direction would be appreciated.

With your theme images… it might be good for you but anyone who is going to pay for it won’t accept at all… Also reviewers will decline again and again because your theme images are not of good quality (they are really blurry) and also your theme lack of proper navigation…

Please consider these points and resubmit again… :+1: