Help needed! Wordpress theme Soft-Rejected

Hi guys,

A couple of months back we submitted our new product, a Wordpress theme. It’s equipped with a website builder that’s exclusive to this theme and has a unique experience. We were soft rejected for 4 times with major revisions and this time, according to the review it seems like we are reducing our quality. We are truly lost as to what’s wrong with the design standards and we hope that you guys can help me out to figure what’s exactly wrong with this theme.

Live demo link-

The message from the reviewer -

"The idea is nice, but the design isn’t being executed properly. The theme is still pretty bland, reduced quality and unfinished too.

As previously said and was not addressed in its entirety, significant improvements are necessary. Also, please focus on a single design first and feel free to add more as needed, also on design in general vs. the functionality and what themes can do, our job is great design first, followed by proper coding.

Please note that we’ve been over this couple of times and if the theme isn’t improved in the next submission, it will most likely be hard rejected. "

with love
Team Ace

Hi , yes there are some issues. Most issues are about typography & alignment , spacing.
Who is reviewer ?

The reviewer is emiluzelac

@LockThemes thanks! would you be able to point out typography & alignment you saw with a screengrab ? :slight_smile:

The same 3x Reject for me and i have change everything.
“As previously noted, design needs significant improvements and so far they’re pretty minimal. The theme looks pretty bland, reduced quality somewhat dated and without enough attention to details.”

what we can do? Its posible to ask Envato for the other Team Review? Because we dont understand more.

Please start your own thread to avoid confusion between the original post and your own query