Need theme review.

My theme had hard rejected unfortunately. Here is the theme link - Link

I need some review from you expert people. Please give me screenshot where i should make the changes.
Thank you

@JeriTeam Please help me

@Muse-Master Sir help me


Your design is good I think that approved it or maybe soft rejected regards.

they hard rejected it. Do you see any problems ?

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I think that approved or maybe soft rejected but NOT HARD REJECTED.

The reviewer know more that I

do you understand me?

@charlie4282 sir please help me

I uploaded it and they gave me hard reject said it does not fullfill the quality standard.

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@Marketify sir can u help me ?

@unlockdesign help me please

you not understand me.

I say you that


SOFT REJECTED: Maybe you fix some and resubmit again.

you link not available :frowning:

link is ok now. Please give me some feedback. @unlockdesign

@ki-themes please help me sir.

@leafcolor please sir help me

I have see your item & think about it’s out of Envato > Themeforest Quality Standard Need To Improve Your Item Design Quality.
Design Level Is Basic or Common Design, Visual Issue, Spacing Issue Are Still In Your Item.

Make more research from Envato Themeforest market & Improve design quality.

Hope getting Approved.

Best Of Luck.

I am waiting more then 60s to be loaded your site - that is to much. Your images are huge!

Optimize your images - that is first what you should do!

Also, I see on some templates which are already live, you also have huge images, and trust me, you are loosing customers because that.


I think that you need a picture .jpg or .png more lower size is for very fast loading.

Good Luck.


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Thanks a lot brothers.I have no words to thank these amazing helpful people.Keep up the good works. @JeriTeam @CocoBasic @unlockdesign


Sir do you see any SPACING AND ALIGNMENT issues ? please give me screenshot. @JeriTeam @unlockdesign