Hard Reject. Need Help Understanding The Problem.



I uploaded the theme and it got hard rejected. I am having problem finding out the reason. Please help me with your knowledge about this project. It will be a great help for me.


Please take a look at the theme. I am waiting for your kind response.


help anyone ?


Hey, your template has interesting parts although the overall feels it stills needs to be refined to look special and unique. Now it is looking quite generic and your typography is weak. Header and menu lack also need to be reworked. Regarding TF standards, there might be some spacing and alignment issues. Also, on my IOS mobile device, the layout has issues (see the screenshot attached).


Thanks you for kind reply. It is really helpful and if you don’t mind can you suggest me anything to make it unique… I am new here and trying to be a part of the marketplace. In addition can you suggest any font this theme… :smiley::smiley::smiley:



You need improvement typography, navigation error responsive, I think that add one more color, you w3c validate is error link: https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Ftechbeavers.com%2Fgrind%2F need check validate all pages before submit themeforest.



Try to offer more than a blog, so many blogs already out there. Add more features, use the right colors, and a nice font pairing. Just google “font pairing” to find interesting articles.


OK. From the Next Time I Will Make Sure That I am Doing It.


ok, I will create some sections for the blog. Thanks for the suggestion… it is very helpful…


Your site have good functions, but TF need more functions. Try to add 2-4 home pages and others pages. Also, color, typography and spacing issues need to fix.


There are Three other home pages there… Though in the demo i did not show it… There are three slider design, four types of header and 4 different blog layout. Single page has two types of cover sections as well. There is a custom contact page as well. :smiley: It would be very helpful if you can point out any of the spacing issue… I am very new and having problem finding those… Thanks again for your kind reply. I really appreciate your help…

Currently Redoing Header And Searching for Fonts to support the design. I really hope from the next theme i will not have this kind of problem…