Theme rejected, quality standard required to move forward

Hello forum, I wanted to send my first theme to Envato 1 month ago, but it was not accepted. That’s why I rebuilt the theme from scratch. I sent it back yesterday but it was still not accepted. Where do you think is the problem

With all due respect but this design is extremely far from required quality standards (to put it really mildly). You need to either spend some solid years honing your design skills or find yourself a designer and just focus on the code.

Yes, I know it was rejected for its quality standard. But can you explain this quality standard a little bit?

There is not much to explain, you skills are simply not up to par. Just compare your design to any other design submitted here in the last year and you will see a massive difference in the quality compared to your item.
I am sorry to be harsh, but your design looks like it was made by someone who started learning web design only very recently. Most authors here have years and years of experience (I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years for example). You are simply not ready for this marketplace yet and giving you any constructive criticism is pointless, because you are completely off even on the most basic fundamentals. Read some tutorials, study great web design on the internet and practice, practice and practice. Then, after months or more realistically few years, try again.

I am very sorry your design is very basic but still not high quality, always remember to make your designs to sell html needs higher quality, professional100% and impact, that themeforest will accept and earn more money better a competition author.


Thanks for your answer.

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