Rejected wordpress theme

Hello, it is the second rejected theme, and from the message received I can not understand the reasons.
This is the link of the demo: demo-avik.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks and sorry for my english!

Can someone give me some advice?
Thank you!

Hi there:

Your design is too basic, you need practice more. regards.

Thanks for the advice!

Hi, I think your design is uncompleted. Envato Market needs higher quality. You should take a look at the ThemeForest item, practice more and get back to submit the other themes later. This link may help you a lot:




I’m happy to see again authors participating more in the forums, helping authors/customers!

Thanks for your contribution! :slight_smile:


I’m happy to contribute a little bit :smiley:


Thanks so much for the advice, I will practice more! :slight_smile:

Your design look like '90s design :slight_smile:


I think if you think that my theme is 90, then there are so many here on Envato 90s !!

Just taking a quick look, the images and videos are taking a very long time to load for me so anything you could do to help optimized your media might help. Also double check the responsiveness of your pages/elements - some of the sections look a bit off on mobile (like the headings aren’t consistently aligned which can be confusing on small devices, blog slider 3 buttons aren’t centered, the contact form has no left margin - things like that). Sometimes the details can make the biggest difference :slight_smile: Best of luck!

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.
These are the constructive criticisms that serve to grow.
Thanks so much!

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