Wordpress Blog/Magazine Theme Rejected

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since my last upload.

Here’s the link to the demo : http://demo.pixelgue.com/envious/

I need an opinion, why it got Hard Rejected.


Hi there:

Your themes is hard rejected because is a old blog, spacing/padding, bad typography, very messy designs, etc but you need learning more for approved sell themes wordpress on themeforest regards.

There’s nothing wrong with your theme.
I’ve been watching this marketplace since it’s inception & of course other marketplaces too. There were the times Envato has approved every theme came their way. But they started being selective as themes started flooding. Even nowadays they approve themes that are objectionable & reject ones that have a great selling potential.

So I think you shouldn’t waste time here asking for opinions. Even if top selling author post on forum asking for theme opinion, everyone will give opinion as none of the theme is perfect. Try with other marketplaces, it will get approved & I guarantee your theme will not be a waste. It will definitely pay for your hard work.


That’s the feedback I got from some of my relation.
But when I think it clearly. I suspect that it was the code.

Thank you for your opinion

It looks like a rip-off of the good-life theme. unique design ideas could help.