[Hard Reject] [quality standards]

Hi guys, I got a hard rejection (quality standards) in just 20 minutes! that was fast!
I wonder to know if anyone can give me advice about my template


Thank you!

i think you need to spend more time to look the quality of the other web site, the website need to be unique.
type of this website envato it s full.


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We can help you. Please follow the link:

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I feel sorry for you because the design quality is not bad at all. However, your theme seems quite bland and unfinished. It also lacks of features and doesn’t offer enough pages. I don’t think this would sell much, unless you make it a big multipurpose sports template. You have 2 choices;

  • move on and start a new project
  • make this template a real premium product by adding a lot more features, pages and layouts.

Good luck !


Thank you @cssninjaStudio! The only comment that worth.
You know, is so difficult when it’s your first step. It’s not enough just to “look at other and learn” you know, sometimes there are fellows that seem forgot they had a beginning too.

Thanks again.

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Always happy to help people. Iam also new, I started the adventure on January 2018 and it’s been quite a challenge.

Don’t give up, keep working and someday you’ll get approved and you will make sales. Therés no use approving templates that will make little or no sales. ThemeForest can be as cruel as this. But remember this, it’s simple but a lot of new authors don’t seem to understand this statement : People and companies who do the best sales on the market are both design and coding monsters.

Its the only recipe for success. In other terms it means keep working hard, documenting, learning and experimenting, and one day (quite soon actually) you’ll have everything you need to enter the game from the big door.

Best regards.

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I send you an email from that page. Did you get it?

My name is Alex

Yes, please check your email. I’ve replied.