item rejected - please drop suggestions for improvement

hi fellow Authors,

Its not my first time to upload an item and get approved. I have a very good history with submitting and selling on Envato, however, my last submission was hard reject. Please review the template and let me know your suggestions and improvements it required.

Reject reason: unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward

Here is an item:


I can not give you many suggestions in this case since the whole design is a whole is of low quality.

Remember that the quality standards here are the highest, and they are increasing more and more so you should work harder.

Keep working, I wish you the best

Best regards

The issue is that your portfolio is filled with plugins and addons whereas what you are trying to do here is design and deliver an entire site build and with respect the execution is not good, in particular the typography, styling, icons, spacing, page construction etc.

Yes, True. but is There any Guidelines which we can follow ? if any suggestions we would like to improve it and our main goal is to create the WordPress theme.

There are technical WP guidelines but unfortunately design execution is simply best practice and given that most items are different there cannot be more concrete specifics than that