Your item has been rejected

We submitted our item a few days ago. Then after a couple of days, we received an email saying that it got rejected and you won’t be able to submit this item again.

Here’s the link of our item that got rejected:

We are really confused. We spend months on creating this item. We don’t want to just throw it away. We humbly request you guys to check our item and guide us what could be the reason of its rejection and what we can do now.

We submitted our last item 6 months ago and it got soft rejected 3-4 times, but eventually, it was approved.

Visto Themes

That distortion effect you put on the whole site is HORRIBLE on the eyes. How did you even think this would be a good idea???

We appreciate your feedback. But it got hard rejected just because of this effect? If yes, then I think they didn’t had to hard reject it. I mean they could have replied back with feedback (like they did in our previous item) and we would have fixed it and resumitted it. Or there are also many other things that could be improved?

I am not a reviewer, I do not know why it was rejected. But you should seriously get rid of that horrible effect ASAP. I can’t even give you any further feedback because if. That effect is literally hurting my eyes and I’ve never experienced that in years of giving feedback here in the forums.

This design is way too generic. Envato requires unique & elegant templates. And they maintain a design & coding standards. Your item does not meet that requirements.


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Okay. We appreciate your feedback. We will make these improvements in our new template. Thank you.

@theme_land Okay. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks. :v: