My item got rejected! Maybe so was yours! Read Why

I’ve been an exclusive Envato(even before it was called Envato) author since 2008. None of my items go through without a soft rejection first because I’m a designer and I mostly prepare items with customer’s design perspective in mind as first value and then my code becomes not so qualified. And then I fix the issues and resubmit. And then it’s on, I start selling.

I always get rejected first. Luckily never had a hard reject ever. That’s probably because I take my time on the end user’s point of view of the product and try to improve the experience, and in the process (because I’m no developer first) I eventually lose the developer perspective and code quality reduces until I elevate it back to the level marketplace requires.

So the thing is you’re either a designer or a developer. If you’re one guy trying to do the same, you will get rejection. Hard or soft, it totally depends on your experience and skills.

The last item I submitted was in 2014. And it first got rejected with 4 things to fix. Today I got rejected with 17 things to fix some of which could take days for me to fix. I’m even prepared for this process to take weeks maybe months until my 1 item gets approved.

But know this, based on my experience, all of the reviewer’s rejection causes are the actual probable future complaints of your buyers from your items on sale when they’re on. I know it. I’ve experienced it in the past because my items got through easier with less things to check.

So maybe it’s time to realize how this marketplace works and why the quality standards keep going up, and why your item gets turned down despite the fact that you have spent months on it.

People make free stuff out of the things we sold only a year ago! Do you get it? You have to be really good to stand in this marketplace. Oh by the way, my resubmission will probably take at least a week and god know when I’ll have my (awesome Gutenberg powered theme) item up in the marketplace, but I’m working on my rejection fixes. So if you get rejected, trust me, it’s for a good reason.


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