I get quickly rejected!! Need Help

My first project was rejeced after an hour!!, can anyone tell me his notes and feedback? I’ll be thankfull to you.

What was the rejection message?

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Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Rakon - HTML Landing Page Templates” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

Visit our forums and ask fellow authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be glad to lend a hand.

You should contact Envato support for the details. Item looks good but there may be another reason for the rejection

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Thanks for ur opinion, I’ll try to contact them.

This is absurd. Envato must check who actually is working as a reviewer

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They replied after an hour! I feel there is something wrong!

So what were ur advices about my theme?

Yes, maybe. You should contact Envato support as suggested by @ki-themes

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Something fishy here. This is definitely not a product to get rejected for design. Are you sharing everything with us OP?

And I must say this is one of the best modern designs I’ve seen around here.
Should’ve been soft rejected if for code.

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Thanks for ur appreciation. It is really fishy! What do you mean with OP?

OP: Original Poster, that is you. My bad for not being clear.

Why I asked if you shared everything with us is that I’ve been here long enough seeing people posting forged/stolen designs.

I hope that is not the case with you. If you don’t botch it up with code & after sales support, this item should raise the bar for good design.

P.S: Why is ‘Beto’ used as product name throughout your design? Also don’t use registered trademark/logos in your designs.

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Please let people know here in forum what will Envato support answer. Because design looks really nice.

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It’s ok. Thanks bro, the product is mine, nothing stolen. I attached source and work files to them.
I’m ui/ux designer and developer more than 6years.

I bought the logo from shutterstock, is it not allowed?
I ues ‘Beto’ name at my works, I like it, is it not allowed in theme?
I really appreciate ur advices.

Thanks, I’ve contacted them and wait the answer…I’ll keep in touch of u.

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Nice dribbble folio. The hard reject on your item is beyond me. Here I speak only on the design, hope someone can look into the code too.

Logos: I meant the amazon, airbnb, spotify logos in your saas demo & wendy’s, dominos logos in your app demo. Those are registered trademarks & I don’t think they can be bought & used unless specified in their terms. Moreover, Envato doesn’t allow them in demos.

Beto: This is one of the usual behaviour of those stolen designs, they often forget to change a thing or two in the original design. Hope you understand :wink:

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Aha, actually it is the first time I have heard that Beto is for stolen things! Maybe that was a chance with same names!
Thanks that u told me.

show us links project we can help you :hugs:

Back again, Thanks all of you for motivated words.
In fact, we’ve contacted with Envato and we haven’t clear reasons for hard rejection except that the quality wasn’t as required.
After looking at others experience, we’ve collected the public reasons for rejection, and we’ve made significant changes for some sections that need change.
After whole week of hard work and change, we sent again and we’ve get Soft Rejection with specific points of improvements. They sent to me improvements regularly for a week, till we get Approved :slightly_smiling_face:
Most changes were on codes.
Amazing start and experience, hope you and me good luck :slightly_smiling_face:
Envato: OrinoStu