Problem with Team Review

We have some problem with Team Review each time we upload project on video hive it got hard rejected (we are not new on evato over $15.000 worth of sells), after then we send message to Envato Heads and project was accepted in 1 day and sell very well, example was this project:
[Mod: Link removed - Self promotion] was hard rejected after 1 mail was accepted without any changes and sell well:

So there is a BIG PROBLEM HERE !!!

and now we created this product:

Promo graphic:

Product icon:


  • 35 speech bubble motion in 6 variations
  • 5 mobile chat bubbles in 4-6 colour variations
  • 4K optimised animations in 30fps
  • QuickTime PNG files
  • png file for each motion
  • Easy to use
  • No plugins needed

you can also see video here:

and of course was rejected:

Thanks for submitting your file, however, we are unable to accept the item for sale on the Videohive marketplace.

After reviewing the animation, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality and originality standards.

When reviewing files, we take into consideration the broadcast quality, usefulness for our customers and flexibility of the file. Unfortunately, this animation does not meet our criteria.

So where is the line of accept or reject !!! Projects are rejected for no reason !!! and this can be confirmed by other users and quality or usefulness are not determinants.

We want answer from enavto employees because we spend a lot of time with creating each product and you treat us like bunch of amateurs !!! or something you do with that or we depart from cooperating with you !!!

I have the same problem!

I agree! Total lack of respect by rejecting items and offering no reason why. Just one generic catch all reason doesn’t cut it.

Use even preset lines even. “lacks techniqual quality”, “too many similar style products already”… Something constructive so you can improve for the next submission.

Show a little respect.

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hi Invedion, sorry to say just that but i fail to understand this whole story … . The first link that u provided people with is working and send us to an approved item. By the way , after seeing the preview, the work is good and that item was approved and sells well rightfully so … .

Then u have another link to a speech bubble item a bit pink and blue and i don’t know how to say not to hurt your feeling, but honestly it doesn’t seem to be created by the same person or the same group of people , we shift from a highly professional item, tasty and everything to an item that is simply not looking good and professional enough and which has been rightfully refused according to me … sorry to say just that … . Indeed, as for i know, i have limited knowledge about the technique, but it seems there’s no problem this way but honestly u need to put more effort in the way it looks … just ike u did for the one that we can see through your first link … . When u do i am sure that u get accepted indeed, don’t forget that technique is important but th way it looks is essential, that’s ale what is going to push people to either accept your file and then afterwards make them buy your item …

now u are also right, sometimes , there are inconstancies in the process and some things get approved when they do not deserve and some do not make it when they are good enough to go through , but, what i can tell you by experience is that this is not need to waste your time fighting against that as nothing will be done and in then end, u’ll end working even more again to get to the next level, so just save your energy and keep it to create things that theres no way anyone can reject for any reason

i hope could help have a nice day and keep fighting :wink:

Hello n2n44,

Thatnk you for your input, but we’d like to clarify a few things. First off, the first item we’re talking about [Mod: Link removed] was hard rejected. No input was provided as for the reason. Both products were made by the same person, and frankly it’s hard to understand the meaning of “the way it looks.” It’s a large therm and since Envato just hard rejected both projects, we fail to see the problem. Was the animation not good enough, the shape of items, or maybe the presentation? We’ve seen similarly shapped and animated projects that were accepted. Had we not written to the support team our first item wouldn’t have been approved as well. Needless to say, it sells as well as works of people who got their projects accepted in the same month.

Sorry but all this complaining is getting retarded. Am i the only one around here who understand that it’s not the reviewer’s job to tell you what to do better? Reviewers REVIEW items. There must be hundreds of weekly submissions and you expect the reviewer to take the time to explain to each individual what they could be doing better? It’s your damn job as an author on this marketplace to do the research, analyze, and improve your craft.

So i apologize, but you don’t have my sympathy. There are cases where good projects are rejected unfairly (very rare), but it is NOT your case. Stop moaning, pick yourself up, and improve.


And that is exactly why they do not provide any form of explanation beyond the standard generic message when there are too many things wrong to provide detailed feedback.

I haven’t seen both files nor do I have the expertise in video to comment or judge on your case but irrelevant of the marketplace reviewers are experts and employed for their knowledge of the markets as much as technical skills and anything short of detailed feedback (which we know is not possible) is likely to cause more harm than good. For example (using Websites because I do not know enough about video).

If a reviewer fed back on hard rejection saying, “the typography is not good enough” or " There is a lack of visual hierarchy" or to use an example from above “lacks technical quality”…

  • what if the author does not understand this?
  • what if they simply lack the professional ability to fix it?
  • what about the subjective difference between what an author thinks is good enough and the reviewers opinion?

Either this will confuse some authors more OR they will fix stuff then resubmit and if they get rejected again they will be more upset because they will feel they have answered the reviewers requests and it may still not be good enough.

Again I am not positioned to comment on your case but hopefully this explains why the system operates the way it does.

Voxyde we work on this project about 1 month, we do not complain because we do all properly and the customers of the market should evaluate product.

charlie4282 they don’t write anything what is wrong.

The first item we’re talking about as example was hard rejected and after we send our claims on Envato Heads project was accepted in 1 single day without any our updates (I do not know where they had files, because project was hard rejected 2 weeks from that), and sells very good - so the problem is not that we create bad product.

We just want to be treated the same as others - if they accept products from other users we expect to be treated the same as others because both products fulfill all the requirements.

One month… for some speech bubbles? I’m confused

This product is hand drawn with a lot of effects and form (about 240) it don’t base on typical shift :slight_smile:

…(1 month)

Edit : Hey sorry man, i don’t want to offend your work or anything, but you’re in a global competition with some of the best artists in the world, you have to start setting higher standards if you want to succeed on the marketplace.

Voxyde I understand your words but we have to know that decisions buy or not are on the client side (Team Review don’t buy this products), and for now we have to fight on each product to be accepted and after then it sell very good (so the problem is not: quality or standards). Best of all you and other authors :slight_smile: and thank you for your interest in our topic :slight_smile: any support it’s nice.

I think the font choice is wrong for such a ‘cartoony’ style of speech bubbles. Apart from that, looks pretty good.

But the font are not a part of this product :smiley: In each bubbles user can use any font. This product is only animated bubbles in 4k :slight_smile: and as you say “looks pretty good”.

even if i can somehow some way agree with you, and i also mentioned that providing all guys with a feedback looks quite impossible at this stage (when there are so many authors and submissions), but i also somehow some way disagree with you … . Actually , if we turn out to think the same way as u do , then u can possibly imagine that if u ever get soft rejected that no one provides u with any feedback. That’s right, after all, that’s still a rejection and this basically means that u did not exactly do all what u had to do … . They could be considering that u have to guess what is supposed to be wrong and what u have to change what’s wrong, period … . But , in this case, they help and there are a good deal of soft rejections, too, indeed and thus much time spent to it. I think there’s also a matter of “naming things” here , and that’s hard to get to know what is the duty of people , whether u call them “review teams” or “quality control”, which is not exactly the same according to me … .

Besides, if u look at the definition in the dictionary they will tell that reviewing is about examining something with the intention of potentially asking for changes if necessary, what is done with soft rejections … but what is not with hard rejections … in other words, if your item is soft rejected, u had to deal with reviewing but if are hard rejected u had to deal with quality control and thus u do not have any feedback whatsoever. The problem is that this is when u get hard rejected that u need the most to get to know what’s going on …

it seems to me that even if i quite clearly understand what u mean by that , that u just do not keep in mind that someone , when he or she has his or her item hard rejected, is not only feeling hurt but that they also aspire to understand what is wrong with their items so that they can fix it. BUT, people cannot do that as they have no official feedback from teams … . What is also resulting from this is that some people feel like people do not consider the time, effort and so on that they put into their works and that’s for them to deal with it … sometimes even unbearable for some of them

So, as a conclusion about this issue, yes this is difficult to send individual messages to all but authors legitimately would like to for obvious reasons either because they had tried to give the very best of themselves and because they want to feel like they have a partnership with envato, not that they are sort of taken to school, when some guys already have quite an experience in the business and are doing well in some other places for some of them too (u see many guys complain about it in the forums …)

As for what u said, i do not really agree with you, if there were no flaws at all in the system, i can tell you that a handful of guys would have a very limited of items in their portfolios and the fact of the matter is that they are let go almost every time and saturate some categories with rather flat items (or sometimes worst items).

Nevertheless, this is also quite difficult to have a coherent quality control all the way and to make sure that they are no strange things or other flaws in the system, sometimes. People here just have to identify that this is sometimes also hard to swallow for some guys who have their items getting hard rejected when lower quality ones can make it … i think this is human not to feel good about it

with “the way it looks” i meant the item visually speaking, the aesthetic part if u wish … i also cannot agree with u (maybe i failed to understand what u tried to explain and if so i apologize for this ) as yes this is an animation and the animation, the technical part are important but u are also expected to offer something quite attractive visually speaking. The fact of the matter is that many people fail to identify about that but nowadays, mots of communication is made visually through “the way it looks” (what us seem to call “presentation” if i could get it well), that’s more about catching attention and so on than any other things. U also said [quote=“INVEDION, post:6, topic:15030”]
similarly shapped and animated
[/quote] but were’t they better visually speaking? because that makes much of a difference indeed

That doesn’t matter. Whenever you’re using assets in your previews, you should always go for the best you can find, and the ones most in-keeping with your project; whether they be images, footage or fonts. I appreciate that things like these can be changed by the buyer, but sometimes it’s hard for buyers to see beyond the content of the preview images/videos. And in more instances than not, I’d say people are more likely to use a ‘cartoony’ font with ‘cartoony’ speech bubbles.


Yet somehow 9 out of 10 times when people post their hard rejections on the forums, the authors that have been here for a while understand why said item was rejected. It’s true that the review system is definitely NOT perfect and there are inconsistencies between reviewers, but that’s just what it is. Some are more strict than others.

Regardless, it’s unrealistic to expect reviewers to provide information on how to make better projects. What’s your part then? Say, i make a circle mask on a logo and animate it to reveal itself. Done, 15 sec. Then the reviewer is supposed to write me an essay on how to make it better so it gets approved? And then to keep going back and forth with the reviewer until the item is approved?

The soft rejection exists strictly for technical reasons, maybe the author forgot to delete something or add some information so the item respects the regulations of the marketplace.

If you want feedback you just open a new thread on the forums, and maybe somebody willing will tell you what’s wrong. Again, it’s not the reviewers’ job, i don’t understand how people can get upset about that.

well this is your opinion and i respect it. Now, if the system was working so very well as u are mentioning , i guess that a lot of flat or rather poor items would not make it on sale,when they do.Then, obviously, sometimes some guys point at them and just say to themselves “OMG, i can’t believe that this has been accepted”. Indeed, this is not so much of a problem but the thing is that it makes some people feel that the system is unfair … as lots of guys are also capable of gauging accepted works. The real problem indeed is that these items just contribute to saturate the market even more … and divide sales , as there’s a customer base for all, even for the worst items but this system is also called a quality control and for that matter that’s hard to believe that too weak items are approved … .

I also personally cannot agree with you insofar as i see some guys having some of their items rejected, when, in the meanwhile, lower quality ones are accepted. I can understand the kind of frustration that the author is feeling when u have two items of about the same quality and a bit in the same style , and that one makes it when the other doesn’t. Indeed, this basically points out that there are some flaws in the system. In fact , as for me , i can understand that guys do not like it when they are confronted to this, or even that they feel a bit mad … . U maybe right , maybe some of the rejected items should indeed be rejected but then items which are not any better , which are flatter again or poorer should not make it either … .

What is somehow some way saddening is that the raises of standards and the increased rejections did not help at all to get rid of the concerned items, which are still approved … .

i also disagree with u … soft rejections are not only about technical issues, u can see sometimes some reviewers asking to modify some things so that the aesthetic goes up , this way they make sure that they can ultimately approve the item when embettered and “save the author’s work” … .

the thing of asking in the forums when u are hard rejected is also better than nothing, but i don’t agree with you, this is not the same in my view. Just have a look at one of these threads and u’ll realize that u’ll have about as many “pieces of advice” as people posting a reply. Actually, u are not even sure that any of them will be in keeping with what is the real deal in the end … .

u may also be right , this may not be completely the duty of reviewers to offer a feedback , but this would basically mean that someone else is able to take care of the situation and offer a feedback , when normally u do not get any from the help center or anyone else … I guess that what u fail to identify is that the people who ask for a feedback are also looking for being taken care of , apart from getting to understand that they fail to do properly … . They invested some time , made efforts and get disappointed in the end … for that’s human

I’m sorry but just because you invested time and effort doesn’t mean it’s quality is good enough, nor that you are entitled to a reason for being rejected. People should stop looking to be “taken care of” and man up and do better work, the review system currently is working for me and a lot of other authors. That just means authors should look on doing better work, not change the system so it’s easier to get accepted. End//