The Sales Monitor 2

idk, everything is good:
Снимок экрана 2020-03-10 в 12.46.55

VH no sales since 3 days.
Big decline in EE too.

It sucks not to be able to go out while being in Italy.

Friend, why are you raising panic in this thread despite the fact that you don’t have any items in the Videohive portfolio?

Isn’t Videohive part of Envato market as a whole?


+1, You are not spamming, Nothing wrong to hear the data from other type of markets

It might be more accurate if every author would mark his market/category to see better picture.

Let’s say bad sales for stock footages aren’t representative to sales for AE templates and so on.

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Videohive is a part of Envato. But this is not “Envato sales” thread. It’s the “Videohive sales” thread. To avoid confusion, you can use similar threads for CodeCanyon:

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Just a quick reminder for everyone who has items in “Discount Experiment”.

:warning:Experiment is over, but prices haven’t changed. So you should return them manually.

That is really big failure from Envato. It’s so unprofessional.

PS: Sorry, for off topic, but this thread is really the best way to quickly reach a lot of authors.


thank you!

I’ve totally forgotten about the discount experiments, I have thought that we will get an email as a reminder that the experiment has been ended… Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Melbourne time 17:19
European 07:19
US 02:19
I will wait till midnight, day is not over

Today - 11 March. Experiment end date - 10 March.
Also look at pages, there is no discount section any more.

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Can people who attended the discount experiment share their experience?
Also, Elements authors who haven’t checked their mail yet: There is a new “experiment” that every videohive author (with items on Elements) is part of automatically unless they opt-out.

It is about showing on your item page that your item is available on Elements, with a link to elements.

Head over to the Elements forum or your mail to read more about it.

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I have sold about 25-30 discounted items, but if they weren’t discounted I would probably sale at least 15 items (might be even more) with a full price (what is equal to 25 discounted sales). So it wasn’t profitable for sure.

And I wouldn’t compare it with classic discount events as much less items are involved in classic discounts


Totally did not worth it. Had the same amount of sales, but less money. Had 6 items involved.


I didn’t see any difference in sales.


Neither i do see any difference as @secondfalseiteration mention i also have a less money. Definitively not successful experiment for me.

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Sales are moving at an extremely slow pace on my end. No worries, almost positive things will bounce back as usual.


well damn…

Sounds like you are happy that your words become true. :man_facepalming:

But I do not mix past, present and future. This is a logical mistake. You can’t say at night that there is sun in the sky, and prove your point in the morning.

On topic: My sales get back to normal.

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