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He´s looking at CORONAVIRUS answer, so I think that´s the right one :joy:

Yep, I could replace “Category Page Experiments”, because it’s not relevant any more. But his reaction and looking at “Coronavirus” is priceless. Like this answer suddenly appears and his face reflected both surprise and fear. :grinning:

On topic: Extremely low sales.

I must be missing something

Why are we being this dismissive over a global pandemic that could possibly have an impact on sales? Especially when we know something as small as a ball game event can slow sales down a bit. Some people do go overboard with the end is nigh/Envato is over rhetoric, but to be that dismissive seems just as dumb as to think it’s all over.

This is just opposite opinion that specifically exaggerated to make a balance.
COVID-19 is in the spotlight. So it’s very easy to find the culprit. While we focus on one thing, the real reason may be different (or there is no any). Plus make a note. Authors put more attention to their personal data and some posts in this thread. And almost absolutely ignore the fact that this is extremely small sample size to make any kind of hypotheses.
But it all is boring stuff. Much more fun is to make a meme, that will grab more attention than rational words. Human kind :man_shrugging:

UPD: Oh, and COVID-19 is not a a global pandemic. Yes, it’s hard to note. Especially when every news only talks about that. Thankfully, it’s only an imposed vision.

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I did not feel any effect of the virus on my sales. On the contrary, sales for this month and previous are a lil better than sales for the last year. There are even purchases from countries where the virus is the most common. I do not understand how this could be related

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But if you had low sales, probably you would think that it’s because of coronavirus. That’s what I’m trying to say. Today is very easy to find a reason of failure. Mass media take care of this. While in reality it may be just a local author experience that happens from time to time.

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Same for me, Feb was better than Dec/Jan and March is doing well so far

I hope my post that was waiting for approval didn’t get deleted because I really don’t feel like typing that out again :expressionless:

Maybe Covid-19 has negligible effects on sales, maybe it has a slight impact. I don’t think the discussion is such a ridiculous one to have or to be mocked, especially when we see the impact it’s stirring. Sure, some people will gravitate towards any excuse - but to dismiss it all when we know customers will slow down on sales for much less, just to say “it’s just you” doesn’t seem like balance to me. I don’t even think what cyzer said was all that bad nor alarmist. It WOULD BE normal to expect a decrease in sales for a short bit if this is a legit threat, but it’ll blow over soon.

This falls true on both the doom and gloom people, and those that claim nothing is wrong because they’re doing good.

Also, sure… it hasn’t been declared a global pandemic by WHO (though there are various disagreements). I say it’s a global pandemic not because the news only talks about it (not my main source of info), but because by most definitions given by a wide body of scientists/virologists and literature, that’s what it is. Regardless of what you call it, it is having a global effect… so make of it what you will I suppose.

Relax, that was just a simple joke (removed by moderators :expressionless:). And a balance was on contrast.
All my rational thought I posted here:

I understand why people cancel their vacation, do not go to the theater, cinema, bar, etc. I understand why big companies lose money. But explain to me, why should people turn off their tv, smartphone, youtube and netflix?

Probably a good portion of their money would be on food, supplies, medicine, and rationing out “just in case” money in the case of any emergency. I can see why templates wouldn’t be on their top priority list, especially if they have sick ones to tend to. At least over here people are being told to stock up for a bit and ration just in case of a shut down, even though currently we’re in a low risk zone (however the other side of the state has growing numbers). It’s just an extra burden to deal with while navigating your day to day life. Again, this isn’t me thinking this is the case - I honestly don’t know… This is just me thinking people probably wouldn’t put as much emphasis on templates if they need to put their health and family first, which may have a slight effect on sales.

You are talking about “end users”. They do not need to buy our templates. They only should to watch.
While our clients will make hype. Look how many videos were made on this topic. Only lazy youtuber do not hype. Furthermore, it’s safe-work because vlogers do not need to leave home to produce content. Plus our templates are extremely cheap.

Yes, may be some category may suffer. Like events templates, slideshows, vacation topics, etc. So in the end it all depends what portfolio author has. Anyway in majority of cases I don’t think that the impact would be too big.

Ah gotcha, I thought you were talking about end users when you asked why should people turn off their tv, smartphone, etc… Either way I’m not just talking about end users nor am I just talking about vloggers that only make covid hype videos. What I said above could remain true for whomever. Priorities shifting isn’t outlandish.

With all of that said:

I agree

Like 100k cases (which ~80-85% from China) worldwide is basically nothing to get massive outbreak (decade ago there swine flu with millions of cases). It might be 5-10% decrease as was mentioned globally due to stop of some productions and lower sales in China particularly but we almost don’t have any customers from China. World didn’t stop working

You’re only looking at people affected and not people taking precaution. Also, let’s not compare swine flu with coronavirus, we’d be talking about that all day. These are not the same events. 100k isn’t a massive outbreak within itself, but 100k compared to practically 0 just a few months ago yields quite a different outlook.

3 days with zero sales, record.
First month after years where I won’t make it to 500$.
I tried to make a new project for me and got hard rejected this morning.
Whole Italy is in lockdown due to coronavirus and I can’t even leave my place for a walk!
Time to get some oculus and enjoy the Caribbeans straight from my room :joy:

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I hate it when someone “presses the stop sales” button.
It happens again after 6 super incredible months exceeding all my targets!
Having the lowest month till date!


We all hate that :joy:
Anyway it’s not funny anymore, everything is down.

Are you talking about videohive market + elements or only videohive market?