Videohive and Envato Being Unfair?

So I have worked very hard on creating a template and it is doing really well so I started counting the sales for the item so that I would know before hand if it could reach the weekly seller or no.
By my counting it got 21 sales in a week. Counting from Monday to Sunday. and Even because of the time zones we start the count from Tuesday it got more than 18 sales.
My Item should have been in the weekly seller but wasnt there!
Even though the other items had less sales and they made the weekly seller list.
When I contacted Support asking for help and I just wanted to know if I had got the sales or no or was I mis counting somwhere or there could have been a mistake from there side. They said the system is automated and they cannot tell me anything else.
My item is still getting sales and I am very happy that It got such a response but coming in the weekly seller list means a lot. - I just wanted to ask has this happened to someone else? and what to do in such situations where you are not getting any answers

Link to my Product -

Envato works in Australian time zone, most probably that means to you the week is going from sunday to saturday. In your statement tab you can see all sales you’ve made and on what date they happened. For the current weekly top seller list, all sales occuring from 23th up to (including) 29th are counted.

Count your sales again on your statement tab and I’m sure the weekly top seller list is correct.

Thank you for your reply. It wouldnt matter. I am easily cracking the 15 sale number. Counting from Monday to sunday or Sunday to Saturday :confused:

Well I’d say it’s highly unlikely that the automated process has gone wrong, but yeah you do have the statement to proof it, so you may try to post a screenshot of your statements tab (maybe blank out some private data) so that a staff member can take a look at it.

Sale reversals are subtracted from the sales count afaik, so if you had a couple of those that might explain it.

And the list/page isn’t updated in real time, it updates every so often… possibly once a day, so although it may appear that the item at the bottom of the list has 15 sales, it may actually have much more.

The weekly topseller list doesn’t update during the week, it shows the exact sale count of the item in the passed week. So the items that show 15 sales had 15 sales in that timeframe, not more not less.

I’m surprised there is so much misinformation about this topseller list…

You learn something new every day!

The list shows sales from Oct 23 to Oct 29. You needed at least 18 sales for the main list. I would count again. Anything before or after doesn’t count.

EDIT - Oh, I see now that your screenshot is of the After Effects Top List only, where you needed 15 sales, like you said.

That list seems to go by the exact same dates. So 15+ sales from Oct 23 to Oct 29. I would count again to be sure, maybe it had 14 sales or something very close. :slight_smile:

If it’s more than 15, I guess it could be an error.