Is Videohive and Envato being Unfair??

This is happening to me for the second time.
My item got more than 100 sales because it was part of a promotion campaign and it still didn’t make it in the top weekly seller.
This happened to me last time too where the same item got around 20 sales and it didn’t make the list.
The program or alorigthm that envato is using is faulty and they wont help me out :confused:
I have written to envato and videohive about this but I don’t think I will get any help cause last time they just said that they cannot help me and they are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please can someone here look into this? or advice or tell me what should I do?
Making the top row in the top seller wasnt just a exposure thing for me. I wanted to make it there since I joined envato :frowning: Please help me guys.

My link -

PS - I am attaching a pic of the top sellers that week. My product should have been in the 2nd or 3rd place!

Strange situation…


Contacting the Envato Help Team via a ticket will let you know why the theme isn’t there. I think this is the best way to find out why :slight_smile:

You can post the results here.

Good Luck!

Hi! I have done that. Will let you know what they said but I’d like to share that i have done this in the past and they just said they couldnt help me :frowning:

Hi @C2Motion! The Help Team (via a support ticket) is your best option for an official answer about this, but one thing you may want to check is the dates that the sales took place during, and when you checked the Popular Items page.

The “weekly” stats (weekly popular items) are updated first thing on Monday morning, Melbourne time.

“Monthly” stats (popular items, popular authors, popular new authors) are updated on the first day of each month.

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Hi! Thank for your reply But I have been on this list before and I know how this works. And let’s assume my dates are not proper even then I should be somewhere on that list cause I would have gotten 80 to 90 sales( i am sure I got about 120 to 140)

They are not including me anywhere on the list and I dont know why this is :frowning: :confused: