Search engine on Audiojungle is NOT inspiring anymore!

Envato, please stop the search engine working based on titles. What the tags and descriptions for?
Why do I need to write description and tags if the search system is based on title by default?
All the AJ place have became a non-inspiring and non-motivating anymore!
It looks non-professional and ridiculous. I cannot convince authors to name their music in more artistic way, because I understand they want their “inspiring” track to pop up in the search results, and they play by the rules the search system works. But you, Envato, can and must change this rule.
I don’t know how about other markets, like Graphics, Videos, Codes, or Templates, but on Music markets a search engine should be based by default on Tags, Keywords and Descriptions. If someone, by some reason, wants to find specific track, he should find it in the advanced search, or by sorting the results.
The page with the results looks non-professional, doesn’t look inspiring and motivating and not funny anymore! I tried to find music for some project, and I have tired after seeing the first page with all the tracks named the same.
Please, do something about it.


Yes. 100% agree with you, Dmitriy. To add to this, here’s a quote from a post of an idea I had a while ago.

I wish for a system with ranked tags (order tags from most relevant to least relevant), where the top ranked-tag would be equivalent to calling the track that title. Then, the title can be completely disregarded from the results (from a normal search - there can be an advanced search option to search by title).

This would be far, far better as it would give authors a change to name their tracks unique and meaningful titles (that buyers will remember!), tidy up the search results with a page full of interesting titles (more interesting than a line of “Corporate”, “Corporation”, “Corporative (is that even a word!?)” etc), and finally, give each track a special quality that simply cannot be achieved with “Corporate” and the like.

As it is, music can take a number of different qualities that many times cannot simply be expressed with a one-word title. I feel that other than the title of the track, there is no other unique way to search for my track - it seems the tags are useless at the moment, but they have the potential to be very useful with the ranked tag system! The buyer enters a few keywords, and voila, the search engine displays a list of tracks from top to bottom in order of relevance to the entered search terms. At the moment, the best way to get found is to name your track the exact same title as what you want the buyer to search for - this is not ideal.


Thank you for bringing this to the light (yet again) Soundroll. I am obviously in 100% agreement.


+1 Soundroll. In 100% agreement! I would think the current approach is very frustrating and confusing for the buyers.


I agree with your opinion, it’s really irritating to see a good sounding track with generic name. Wish AJ could make a change

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I sell my music a lot elsewhere, some even on the first page but here… It’s tumbleweed for my tracks. Now I know why. It’s the most ridiculous, unfair and non creative way of naming tracks to gain favour here. If everyone were not like sheep this would not happen. This needs to change based on keywords ( which I thougt in all honesty it was until now)

I agree with you and also suggest to expand number of tags to 50.


Envato, listen to Soundroll for crying out loud!

It’s been said over and over what a pain the title issue has become. Why do you simply ignore what the vast majority (if not unanimity) of authors have said on that issue.

The issue has turned the AJ catalog into a bad joke that makes us all look bad and unprofessional, is unhelpful to buyers and could even turn away some of them.

There is an easy fix, and a fix is much needed… and yet nothing is being done. Why? Why does Envato want to have hundreds of thousands of items having the same titles? What is the agenda here?

Also, when you finally do make the change, please make an official announcement so that all authors are made aware and can stop using the “i” word.


Do you think that if the authors would have to give his music “creative” names, does that mean that the name will be different, and no one will try to call his a track just as popular? I think this will also happen

Maybe, but not in the % like it is now.

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I think it will stop when the page is “popular music” disappear, or converted to another format, and then the sense in kind, funny situations - will not. But then, do not be such a focus on many popular authors who have reached this page have a good income.

But if buyers are only faced with a single text box as a search function how can we encourage them to enter more than 1 word? The search function needs to be more creative/specific by offering more choices in a drop down menu or tag cloud, rather than an empty text box. Prompting buyers to choose between styles, lead instruments, tempo as in fast, slow etc not bpm, ) might lead to better results for them, and less of a titling nightmare for us. Yes I know there’s an advanced search but we need it there from the get go, ain’t nobody got time for faffing about later! :wink:


I think if we had some sort of tag ‘heirarchy’ (ie we order the tags from most relevant to least relevant), then buyers would be able to search for tracks based on the most relevant qualities to their search. If the search box prompted the user to enter a series of terms or tags in order of relevance (like many do in Google), this would solve the issue.

This way, tags can still be useful, as music can take on a variety of moods / genres / elements that almost always cannot be represented through one word. When uploading a track, authors could enter a list of tags in the preferred order of relevance / weighting - then this can be used to achieve more accurate and relevant results in the search engine.


I agree with the original post 100%
A colleague of mine did a search for some music the other day and all the results were completely useless - but the titles of the results all matched the search word. Anyway, it’s completely useless as it is.

This was so refreshing to read. Something really does need to be done. I’m sick of having to come up with different variations of the words “Inspirational” or “motivational” just to get more sales. I could easily come up with more creative names but in the end we are here to sell and I would doing myself a disservice if I didn’t name my music based off of this “rule”.

And yeah, what’s the point of the tags if they aren’t even being used for what their purpose is!?

Thank you soundroll!


Where a corporation begins, there ends creativity-:frowning:


Clouds, Live My Life, Your Little Planet Corp, Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly, Add Loudness, That Positive Feeling, This Is How You Advertise!, Midnight In Tokyo, Taking The Reins, A Way To The Top, Smash It Up, Driving In My Car, Health Happiness and Success, A Fortunate Day, Positive Thinking, Rock That Crowd!, the list could go on.

These tracks were a big part of AudioJungle! But if they were uploaded today they’d never see the light of day with the way the search engine works at the moment :frowning:


I agree and had also raised that, I started very well here, I sold very well, everything stopped now because I use “artistic” names, now started using generic names and results in many more views, but even if the track has name generic when pass the time is missing in the top search result, this is bad and for this reason stop writing and producing for AJ ( 4 or 5 songs per month to now 1 per month), in addition to that the new 30% tax I will to try other markets.

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The search engine makes new authors to do such names. I agree with Soundroll. I have a lot of beautiful names for my music based on my feelings and themes of the track. But I have to write the name “Inspiration” and “Corporate” because these tracks are located on the top level. We have many examples where the author with one track “Corporate” hit the top level. Just noticed it immediately and bought a lot. There are a lot of talented writers and they are sitting in a pool. They can not see, because such a system.

Dmitri raised an important question. I fully support him!

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