Just wondering. If envato say: "OK guys! We've omitted titles from the search." Will you name your tracks in more creative way than just "inspiring"?

So, I definitely will!
Will you?
+1 if so
-1 if not

I pretty sure the situations with titles will change in one week after that.


Honestly, I’m more concerned about the the current situation, where the search results of popular search terms are extremely biased towards top sellers. The change that was made is still having a huge effect on the performance of new tracks using the popular search terms.

I don’t mind using generic titles for my items any more - what I do mind however, is that those items are not getting enough exposure to gain sales momentum.

For authors like me who are contemplating going full time on AJ, it’s very frustrating to see this part of the search is not functioning fairly. I want to upload new tracks, but I’m worried they won’t get enough initial exposure to sell. So far there are only a couple of popular search terms that are working properly.

Nothing against giving older top-selling items some love, but when the search results consist of 95% top sellers, it’s clear something’s not right.


Basically, what AurusAudio said. It was hard enough to compete without tagged titles, but with the new searche engine tweaks it’s even harder.

I was naive enough to try it last month.
I uploaded 4 items in 1 week
3 with creative names (“I want to Live”, “Make it Hot”, “Father to Son”)
1 with classic “Be Happy”

You might guess which one brought the money home

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As I sad in other topic, the question is not about money. The question is do you want to name all your track by using tags instead of normal names for music. :grinning:

You are right, sorry :slight_smile:
So answering to your question: I would name my items in another way +1

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Definitely yes! +1

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Yes, I would like to name my tracks in more creative way!

+1 for sure

I do try to name my tracks as creatively as I possibly can, but I resort to generic titles for my music packs. Overall, though, I agree, it’s a shame that it’s become a necessity to dumb down track titles. +1

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