Feels like envato will be a mess of same titled items very soon.

It is already so, but…
Dear envato team. Do you really think that adding the auto suggestions for the search field is a good idea? There are already a bunch of items with same titles and now there will be only titles based on auto suggestions!
And the worst thing of all that - I will do the same way. I’ll name my tracks based on this suggestions, because I have no other option to “be visible” in the results!
The only request was to do little changes in the search algorithm to make it not based on titles, but envato developers did a lot of things, but looks like nothing close to what community asked for.
And now it’s final touch to make audiojungle the library of inspiring/corporate/fun/avesomecool titled mess.
I’m not sure if some one from envato even will pay attention to this message. (I’m not Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and even not the @soundroll (nothing personal bro)), but, anyway, I am also the part of the community and there was a deal - I compose music, you give me the opportunity to sell it, but looks like I did my job, but you didn’t, because I can’t see the oppotunity to be creative and sell my music in this mess of same named music. And now I even half step to leave. I’m pretty sure u’ll say: “Whatever, u can leave if you don’t like something. We do not really care. There is not realy much income from your music.” And actually right now it looks like you’re thinking this way. But I just want to remind you, that even pinkzebra started with few items in his portfolio and no sales in the begining. And who knows how things would have happen if authors like me has the same oppotunity to be creative as @pinkzebra had.


As has been said a hundred times before, the ONLY way to battle the title problem is to completely omit titles from default search. 0% weighting.

The order of tracks won’t be any different because those same words will be present in the tags, BUT, the search list will look like a real list of tracks instead of a list of search terms.

As you say @tornadoaudio, it doesn’t take a mastermind genius to figure out that now about 50,000 tracks will be called Upbeat Corporate, Upbeat Music, Upbeat Rock and Upbeat Ukulele instead of just Upbeat.


Yep,it is a freaking mess,completely uninspiring.
Being creative with your title (as you should be) can also make you item virtually invisible,because all the “corporate” and “inspiring” named files will be given priority,not because of their genre and tags,but because of their title.


I don’t have a huge problem with the old title system, from what I understand all you have to do is keep submitting new stuff based on what current trends are and you’ll keep popping up. But, it would be pretty nice for unique things to be given the priority they’re suppose to have, something really specific shouldn’t be completely clumped with something cliche.

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Titles have to be seperated in the search engine, that’s the only way to solve this.

It’s not about that. It is not about sales at all! It is about audiojungle is became to be a scrapyard. And I do keep upload new staff, but I don’t want to name it “Upbeat Music”

I dont know but somehow it makes sense to search by titles and not tags…hell knows why… youtube does it too… a bunch of us think otherwise but we do not run it and do not know all ins and outs of the system. Perhaps the “perfect” algorithm does not exist yet and the only way is to have the tracks manually curated, which on the top traffic titles-tags already takes place here I think. Having all tracks curated could be the answer and I see p*nd5 started doing it but more officially and not behind the scenes like here.

Well it sounds like Envato’s trying to encourage you to come up with something even more original then, something that can’t be easily defined in terms of those other genres. They aren’t doing it the right way of course, but their intentions are in the right place.

Youtube uses title based search, because it should do so. People looking for “Nirvana - smels like teen spirit cover” for example and they will find it.

Here on audiojungle people looking for music for something.

Here is a quick example why audiojungle has not have title based search.
If you need music for, let’s say “Epic Trailer”, you probably will type it inside the search field, but! the titles like “Time of Heroes” or “Space Battle” already explains a lot about track instead of just “Epic Trailer”. If you need music for trailer for the game about orcs, elves etc. you probably pick the “Time of Heroes” one and hit the play button, but if you need music for some sci-fi trailer you’ll choose the second one. Both of them can fits your needs by the way and this is where fortune takes part. Will potential buyer listen to track called “Space Battle” or not if he needs music for game about elves?

But right now everything is about luck.

When buyer see the list of EPIC TRAILERs, I’m pretty sure it is confuses him a lot and only luck can help author in this case, it’s all about will the buyer like your avatar or not and after that listen to your music. And after hopefully 2 pages of EPIC TRAILERs he will pick some from 1st page, because he will tired to see bunch of “EPIC TRAILERS”.

Also! If buyer wants to find track by title as @michellerobinson said, I’m not sure he can easily do that. Especially if author change thumbnail for this track :joy: It could take a lot of time to find from the tons of “EPIC TRAILERS” the right one.

And other reason why its bad? Its looks unprofessional.

Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer

So thats my point.

Or my favourite ‘The Epic’ - that sounds great doesn’t it :confounded:. ( I, myself named a track The Inspirational - cringe)

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As for me this update is great! It’s really important to know what searches are popular.
For all who want “creative” name for tracks. You can give any name to your track. What problem?

How rude… don’t make fun of my best seller :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though - with the current issue, I’d gladly take generic titles over this new change. It’s degrading, but the previous algorithm allowed our new items to sell - this updated algorithm isn’t working at all for new items. I hope we’ll see some more improvements soon…