Track Names

Is it just me, or is track naming here a huge letdown?

It is unfortunate that the search system here is set up to reward the practice of naming songs with a combination of the same three or four popular keywords.

You know the rest. View the popular items page and marvel at the collection of inspirational motivation and motivational inspiration.

Even the most successful elite authors have altered track names of huge sellers (that became huge sellers with original names) so the tracks are now something like “Upbeat Motivation” instead.

I know why it’s done, but I think it cheapens the overall brand of the marketplace.

I’m not saying I’m above this practice. I do it, also, but I would sure rather not.

I’m a buyer here, too, and have purchased a lot of tracks over the years. I haven’t found that I’m more inclined to choose to audition something because it has a simple lowest common denominator name.

Anybody else have an opinion?

Envato staff? Is there a good argument for this method of weighting search? Is this way of naming tracks giving customers the best search experience?


Yeah, I’d love it if they took titles out of the search. My tracks are mostly a similar style and I’m running out of things to call them. I’m sure having a portfolio full of similar titles is confusing for my regular buyers too. For me, naming a track is part of the creative process of composing, and I would love the challenge of coming up with titles that stand out, but at the minute these unique titles would just be lost.


I now have the tracks Jazz, The Jazz, Its Jazz, That Jazz, This Jazz and Jazz It in my portfolio. After I’ve added A Jazz I’m out of jazz names, so a big +1 to that. Its strange that its not tags that are used for search instead of title. There could be a search for title option if one should need that.


may I suggest ‘here’s some jazz’ and ‘look, jazz!’.

You’re welcome :upside_down:


Have you tried to do a search with “here’s some jazz”? The result is 8 tracks by JonnyMakesJazz…:grinning:

Haha that’s hilarious!