Renaming Tracks?

Hey Audiojunglers!

I recently realized something. I’ve been changing title names for my tracks every once in a while, but I never thought about the actual file names not being changed.

For other authors, when you change a song title, do you go in and change the file names as well?

I did, before, but I am not sure if it matters. Does the buyer get the names you’ve chosen or does it just give him some “preview” name? And by the way, did you try renaming your tracks in to “inspiration” “corporation”? If yes, did it boost your sales? :slight_smile:

For instance, I renamed my track “Happy Acoustic” to “At the Beach”. So when a buyer looks at it, “At the Beach” is how it is advertised, but when they buy and download the ZIP files, it is still “Happy Acoustic”. Same track, different name. Most buyers probably won’t mind right?

As for renaming tracks to “Inspiration” or “Corporate”, I have done a bit of this, but I don’t see any direct effect to sales. I don’t know if this actually matters to be honest. From now on I’m going to give my tracks original titles.

Well, do think about it twice before you end up doing so. I named my tracks the original names, but it didn’t help my sales, the one track that I named “Happy Ukulele” sold the most, I guess it has to do with the generic name. As well as another track is named Vintage Era, and it sells more than others, I think as well it has to do with the title, because when buyers are looking for a Vintage guitar, my track pops up.

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Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. I guess it’s all about experimenting and finding what works for you. Thanks for the input!

Can I ask a few newbe questions?

If you rename your track it has to be reviewed again right? That takes about one day right? Does the reviewer not see that the title is different than the file in the .zip? They don’t care/check apparently? Or does envato change the filenames automatic?

Changing the avatar, tags, song title is smooth? One day? Or quicker?

Adding an instrumental track or loops? Does that also take only one day? Or is that not possibe?

Does it make sense to sometimes delete your track and re-upload it, so it will show up at the new section again?

Sorry if some of these questions have been answered elsewhere. I could not find it today.



It depends on how many items are in the queue before your item.

When you update your item, you have to give a description of the changes you have made. therefore they may change the name of your track inside the ZIP file (I’m not sure if they actually do).

Also it depends on how many items are in the queue before your item. Take a look at the average wait times for new submissions and updates of each category here.

Once you delete your item, you can’t undo it and you’re not allowed to re-upload the deleted item.

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… I’ve been changing title names for my tracks every once in a while …

Changing the name of the item will also change the url (
What happens with the links pointing to the old url ( , are they redirected to the new url ?

Yes, it will redirect you to the new one. You can try it yourself, change the name in the URL of any item to anything (e.g XYZ, squared-circle, facebook, fried-potato or whatever) then watch how the link goes back to original name.
All the links below will direct to one track:


Thanks for your answer OsamaSayegh :smile:

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