Does renaming older tracks help in any way?


Hey there!

Was wondering if anyone has the habit of renaming older tracks (that have stopped selling) and whether this has shown to work in squeezing some leftover profits from em’.


Haven’t tried it yet! Interesting question!


No effect at all, because when you rename a track the day it was released is still the same. The search engine will put it in page xx (not first page of course). Anyway that’s 2 months ago. Don’t know if it’s changed now :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. I second that.
If you want to squeeze leftover profits from your old uploads, you’ll have better luck with music packs.


i have done it with some mixed results


It depends on what you change it to. While it’s true that the day it was uploaded stays the same, if you choose a new title that is so seldom used that even after a long while you get to show in the first results, it might be useful. Then again, might be that the search is not done often, so overall it might not gain you more than occasional sales, but I think it’s better to show up in the first results for a rare search than on the page 5 on a usual search.


Thanks for the replies, folks! I really appreciate it!