Can tracks in your portfolio have the same name?

Sorry if this is already written somewhere, but I am just wondering if we can have more than one track with the same name in our portfolio? For example, two different tracks both named “Inspiration”.



They probably can, it would be up to the reviewer to spot this and say otherwise.

That would most likely be confusing for buyers though. If you really want the new one named Inspiration, consider renaming the old item to something else first.

Yeah I think I’m just going to rename old tracks and name the new ones “Inspiring” or whatever initially in order to get more sales and also increase my chances of getting in the top tracks of the week page.

When it comes down to it AJ’s search engine is flawed so I am just going to play the game by the rules that they created.


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I actually don’t think it’s allowed, but I’ve seen many do it. Not sure if this means it’s a slack guideline or just that those individual cases hadn’t been reported. Look at the portfolio of the author who had the featured file this week.

Some clarification here from staff would be good. Because if we’re going to have to “play the game”, it’s worth knowing if this is allowed.

Another thing I’m curious about is the lack of titles with a prefix (The, An, A, This, That etc) in the popular files list - does this mean using a prefix in your tracks gives it less of a chance or is this just a coincidence?

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I’m pretty sure using two words in the title is very harmful to sales. For example if you name something “inspiring” by itself it will come up right away when someone searches that word, however if you name it “inspiring corporate” it will get lost in the audiojungle abyss.

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I remember somewhere long ago it was said it’s not allowed. This info could be found by killing job to check all ADG3studios’s or garethcoker’s posts. Although yes, I see many authors do this often - I think it’s just the lack of control. And author’s motives are clearly understandable :slight_smile:

Btw as for me personally, I just use serial numbers with the same names to not bring mess to portfolio. But it decrease the search rank too - usually “Something 04” is placed much lower than “The Something” at the list of results for “something” request.
(Not the axiom in some cases though, as it’s full mistery how search engine works :alien: )

Hello everybody! I’m sorry that I’m stuck in a conversation. I have a question! If I want to rename the item, should I re-download the file with a renamed tracks in ZIP archive or I can simply change the name in the column “NAME”?

No idea why wouldn’t it be allowed, if every other item in this place is called inspirationational motivational crap. I find this whole thing frustrating.

No need to re-download and rename the tracks inside your ZIP file, just change the name at the item Edit page.

Thank you :relaxed: