Naming tracks on AdRev

Hey guys, just a quick question about submitting tracks to AdRev.

Is it important to name tracks exactly as in Audiojungle portfolio or I can use any name? If there will be different name will it makes problems for customers who will try to claim copyright ownership?

Thank you

I sometimes use different titles and never had any complaints from buyers unable to clear a claim for this reason.

But you’re right, the title discrepancy should be an issue… It’s as though the licenses weren’t actually checked by AdRev, hum, hum…

Hmm I often change names of my items to experiment with visibility. Not sure if I get any troubles with AdRev in this case…what would be the best solution?

You could include a pdf with the actual title on it for the buyer. But as of now, I don’t think it has any impact. In any case, I’ve never had this issue rise up.

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Thank You!