Renaming Item

Hi, so far I only have one track on audiojungle. I don’t have a sale yet so just out of curiosity, I tried to find my track on the search engine. I couldn’t find it at all. I realize now that I misspelled the word Ukulele as Ukelele.
I want to change the name of the item but it seems as though I need to go through the entire upload and review process again. Is there a chance that the item could get rejected if there is a different reviewer this time around or will the reviewer only be looking at the changes I made to the name instead of doing an overall quality check on the track?

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Updating an item is much faster than regular upload. And yes, they can change their mind and disable an item completely, i’ve been through this myself. However, i think this is very rare case, and nothing is wrong with it anyway.


Thanks! If I’m just changing the name of the item, do I need to upload the zip file again? Or can I just leave that section alone?

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You don’t need to reupload the files, maybe just add a comment in “Message to the Reviewer” section, like “Renaming”.


Sounds good, thanks for your help!

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