Reviewer Shenanigans

I’ve updated an Item, one version, mp3 and wav + watermarked mp3 of course. Here’s what I got as a response:

Unfortunately your update to - Title removed - on AudioJungle couldn’t be approved for the following reasons.

Hi! Please what you’re changing here.

You will need to upload ALL files again for the changes you made to take effect.

Thank you for understanding and for your co-operation.

Let’s forget the grammar in this for a moment. What is this reviewer trying to say? All files are there, I’ve doublechecked them. Or did I Dolla had purchased? Where are you hiring your reviewers Envato?

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You need to specify in the comments section what changes were made.

The reviewer seems just to take his job way too serious. It would be great to have people on staff who are able to communicate things like these correctly.

Why no trusted updates anymore btw?

It might be a new automated message if the comments box is empty. If so, all the more reason to get the grammar correct :slight_smile:

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The comments box wasn’t empty.

Hi @MykeRoss maybe could have been some misunderstanding in the review.
When I update an item I usually send all files again Preview File and .Zip file. Of course including the new or the updated version in the .Zip file. If I change the title name I also change it in the .zip file, preview file and in discription if I refer to the title in there. Hope you can try again update your item and succeed. Good luck!

If I correct the material, I always write everything I changed. Don’t forget us a lot. the reviewer is not obliged to remember each of us. Observe the rules.

If you are not happy with the work of an Envato employee, please report it to Support.

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He didn’t put the name of the reviewer in the title. Unless you think Shenanigans is his name, in which case that’s a hilarious misunderstanding.


I didn’t mention any names, what are you talking about? Google Shenanigans…

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:grin: In any case, the forum such issues are not solved. Technical support only.

What names are you talking about?

Please don’t call out reviewers, not even the Irish ones.

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I thought the reviewer had a Sharingan :joy: just to review all the tracks…

Looks like he deleted the account. :thinking:

Hi Myke,

I would assume that the reviewer accidentally missed out some words here, and intended to say “Please let us know exactly what changes were made here”. That’s because, sometimes, authors attach new files, without explaining why. Reviewers have to know what changes were made, so that they know what to check, but also to ensure that files are not being attached unnecessarily (all files that are uploaded on updates have to be downloaded and checked again).

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