Does it take a long time to process an update to an item where files are changed?


When I simply update the name or tags of an item, it gets reviewed quickly, within an hour. However, if a customer were to ask me for a different version of a sound, obviously it’s going to turn them off from AJ if I tell them to wait 14 days. So, if I make an update to an already-approved item where I include or change the version of the audio files themselves, will they also get approved within the hour?


Hello ! All information on the update is here


So isn’t “trusted update” a common thing? My updates do not show up in the queue for title, tag or even main zip file updates, it just says “trusted update” in the update notice.


No, it’s a bonus. :slight_smile: The common thing “update creation”.


I wonder how one earns such a bonus then? I probably annoyed them often enough with requests to change the title :grin:


If you frequently update items and do not allow errors in the update and do everything correctly, then in time they give status " trusted update" .


So if I simply want to upload a different version of an item that is already approved, I have to wait the full review time and lose a customer?


You need to wait one day to update the item.


If it is really to be considered a “version” of your existing, you update the main zip file and preview of that item and the description. Takes a very short amount of time to get reviewed this way.



I had the same question for new edits of an existing song.
I am quite slow at producing the perfect 1:00 and 0:30 edits, so I was wondering if I could submit the main song, wait for approval or rejection, and if approved, at a later date, edit my item and add the extra edits…


Yes you can