Lovely reviewer, don't complicate this for me

I trying to change name to the first one for the 4th time, but It don’t want to proceed from any browser so you or someone probably blocked me this function or something (it cant go through “processing” after clicking button)

Why you changed the title of my item [removed by moderator] (which I did not ask for), I would like it to remain the same as when accepted by AJ “Life Moments - Epic Motivational Piano” not “Life Moments”, i just wanted to change 2 tags, that’s all, and i write this in brief description.

If I would like to call my songs an artistic name, I would do it for every item on my profile

There are popular authors here on the platform that use the same naming method, so what’s the problem.

Please restore the name of the item to the accepted one, not edited by you

Reviewers visit Envato forum not often. This forum is more created for authors and buyers. You should contact Support Team regarding this issue.

Just do it yourself. You have to wait for the previous title edit to go through the system before you can make additional changes. (I really don’t understand why certain reviewers feel the need to change titles…)

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after 8h, I managed to send a change request, we’ll see :sob:

This title does not respect the accepted format, that’s why they changed it. If you want to have a “tag” title then you’ll have to remove the “artistic” part of the title. You cannot have it both way with a dash in between. this track had name Vers Lavant - Epic Emotional Trailer

but it was changed a moment ago :joy:

I did not know that reviewers can change song data without asking for correction by the author’s, interesting :thinking:

They can and they do when the title doesn’t respect the format. It’s faster than to soft reject the track.

and I don’t know how you can talk about the rules if the envato still has a pathetic system for naming a song after tags + using those funny words “for” “on” etc.,

btw can you have 2 songs on the profile with the same names?

Well, you can’t be mad at the ridiculous title situation on AJ and then take issue when they try to police it.