Search engine on Audiojungle is NOT inspiring anymore!

The current situation is beyond absurd. In order to be seen on a simple search for Corporate, you MUST name your track Corporate (or one of its increasingly odd variations AurusAudio specified above.)

Add another word - Corporate Inspiration, for example - and you’re immediately relegated to oblivion. A “Corporate” search won’t even acknowledge its existence. So even that tiny bit of “creativity” (and that’s a very generous use of the term) is discouraged.


I agree with you Soundroll!

Totally agree! I really hate to name my tracks “Inspiring %anyword%” etc , but if search engine works like that, I have no other way.

I agree! Soundroll +1

I really agree!
Especially if you put a lot of time into a track it is nice to name it just like you would name your bands song.
What would be nice is if the keywords like “inspiring” “ukulele” etc. would be added underneath the track title.

I also 100% agree. I’m really surprised that this major flaw in the search system hasn’t been fixed yet. It looks terrible and so uncreative to have all of our tracks named exactly the same as one another. Sadly, it’s the only way we can appear in the search right now so we have little choice. The sooner that song titles are removed from the search algorithm, the better. Surely tags, keywords and descriptions should be the priority. I really hope there is a change on the horizon.


Of course, the search engine is not running. and affects to all authors, and then, to give the focus to the tags, instead of the name - is of great importance, as well as increasing the number of tags and separating them into parts, for example - the first 5 tag is responsible for searching the character / mood other five tags - for instruments … and so on, then it will make sense to “play” with tags, not with names. As we know, these systems are already operating in other markets

I also strongly agree with Soundroll and all of the other authors who have voiced their opinion here and desire change in the search algorithm.

When this new title-centered search came into existence a few years ago, many authors scratched their heads at the new algorithm and openly imagined a ridiculous future where a search for a keyword would yield page after page of identically-titled tracks that matched the given keyword. That future arrived a long time ago.

At this point, if a buyer is looking for a title called “Inspiration” it is possible that their desired track won’t even show up in the search because the thousands of tracks called “Inspiration” stretch well beyond page 60 in the search results. Imagine that. If someone wanted your specific track called “Inspiration” and did a title search, then painstakingly went through page after page and exhausted the list of search results, they might not be able to find it.

Do buyers like this situation? Does it make them feel like they are being creative people and have a choice of creative options selecting from a list of title-clones?

I have seen many suggestions for ways to improve the situation. My personal favorite is the ranked-tag idea. Are the suggestions too complex to implement?


Totally agree, Soundroll. A year ago I created a similar thread at a forum, but since then changed nothing.
The last two years the situation looks awfully: all tracks, cheerful and sad, fast and slow have identical names. Authors rename old tracks (“inspitaion” to “inspiration 1”, or “corporate” to “corporate 2”) for again and again upload a new “inspiration” track.
This is total 3,14zdets.


Agreed, this needs to change! Right now, choosing ‘inspiration’ as a title is all we authors can do to stay afloat! Definitely a faulty algorithm.

I’ve wondered that exact scenario as well. I’m sure it happens often. Not to mention the downfall of word-of-mouth promotion between colleagues.

“Hey, that song you used in your last video was awesome! What’s it called?”

Good luck finding that one.

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It is an embarrassment, quite frankly, that we have so many tracks called inspirational, I think we are all embarrassed to be party to it, but we are left with little choice.

Change needs to happen now. So many authors have expressed how unhappy they are with the search engine, that surely now Envato must listen.


I cannot think of a better way for Envato to win competition among audio marketplaces: a killer search engine that allows buyers to find exactly what they want out of those 200.000+ tracks. Perhaps that’s why we see low sales these days? With no fix in sight to AJ visitors it appears like if this is the place for only about 5 types of narrow-usage tunes. Want to find something more specific or original? Good luck. Try listening to some identically named tracks for 3 hours, because the search won’t give you any clues. What the buyer wants is most certainly there, it just cannot be found.


Actually, worst and most painfull part of my video preview creating process is searching for music on AudioJungle. I`d love you to see my face when I search for TecHouse or Techno, and Ukulele pops in search result. :no_mouth:


100% agree with original post. I try to put the word “corporate” in every motivational track’s title, because I know this is how they will be found. I wish I could give my tracks creative names, but if I want buyers to find them, it is not realistic to do so. Is there even a point in making tags?

An advanced search would be awesome. It would make things so much easier for authors and buyers alike. Maybe have as fields “genre”, “instruments”, “length”, “author”, to name a few.

I mean, my track “Happy Acoustic” just got approved for sale. Do you think I wanted to give my track this boring name? Of course not, but I had to.

Agreed of course. I, sadly, even recently started the painful renaming of old tracks - ones that had fun, original titles, to the one-word boring ones. I HATE DOING THIS. But someone in the know suggested that my best selling track may have stayed in the top sellers if only it had had a one-word name. Who knows, but it sure seems plausible…Please change this, envato, it is truly destroying the site.


Agreed! Or change the search field to “Title search” :sunglasses:

I wholeheartedly agree with this. It’s kind of the same problem Youtube is having. Tags are nearly meaningless, as there seems to be some sort of hierarchy within the video titles themselves. So you see a lot of “Most Inspiring Emotional X Ever” clones that mean nothing and all at the same time.

I personally don’t like how I need to give cheesy, generic titles here with the hope of selling better because that’s what the searching algorithm looks for. How is “Sad Inspiring Piano” preferable to “Well of Tears” for example? Give the tags some relevance at least since we’re all required to write a long string of key words in order to be eligible for review. :confused:

And now he is actually complaining about audiojungle?!?!

People we all know that audiojungle is the only place where we can sell at least something, so don’t teach them their job or go elsewhere and sell there.

Sales really is not:-)