Searching By Tags - Is This Really Happening?

Hey guys! :hugs:

Just tried to test the AJ search with some keywords and couldn’t stop myself from saying “Waaaaiiit” :astonished:
I noticed something completely unexpected.

Did Envato team actually start to experiment with showing results based on tags? Purely on tags! Some tracks don’t even have these words in their descriptions. I was surprised! I think this is what we were asking for a long time, isn’t it? (Check out the screenshot!)

Or maybe this is just a temporary bug or something not working right just on my side? Can you confirm this “phenomenon” and what do you think about it?


Wow, certainly hope this is not a bug but an actual experiment. I get search results by tags (or maybe a mix between title and tags?) in “Newest”. With best match and best sellers it seems to be business as usual.


This is actually quite amazing! Same thing, it happens only in “Newest”. But still, this is impressive. Maybe it’s not that impressive in terms of coding, but since that’s what we authors asked Envato for all these years, it’s quite an event!

It’s interesting that there is no official announcement from Envato regarding changes in the search engine. I wonder what effects this experiment brought so far and whether they are going to implement this new tag search to other types of sorting. What do you think about it?


Honestly I think this seems to good to be true… though on the other side it is long overdue and about time it happens. I can’t think of any stock site that uses the heavy weight to title anymore (some also forbid tag titles) as it is very destructive for the customer experience in stock music. So hopefully this is an experiment to improve the discoverability for customers. Worst case it can be a happy accident bug… let’s not report it if so :wink:


Haha definitely not gonna report :grin:

I agree that it will improve discoverability and also think that it will finally eliminate horrific tag-names cause it wouldn’t make any sense to use them. But only if Envato expands this new search method to all the other types of sorting. And I think they will in case of successful results with the “Newest” tab.

As you mentioned the results based on both tags and descriptions. I also found it to be true. It means that it would make sense to put as many tags as possible in the description box. I think it’s not so much of a problem compared to the tag-names. Authors are free to choose themselves whether to do it artistically and aesthetically appealing (fascinating night sky is so inspiring with this music), or quick and dirty (inspiring motivation upbeat happy track). Can’t think of more downsides right now :blush:


That is seriously good news, my ladies!

So, will authors now revert the titles back to normal? :wink: Seems like a hell of a work to do.

I tried this title-tag thing once or twice, but I thought it looked really retarded… And luckily it didn’t work for me.


Come on now…

It has been like this since, well, always. What do you expect from “Newest”? As long as the search words are, well anywhere, the newest tracks show up. And have always shown up.

Nothing new here.

The only things that could be changed, and worth discussing, are “Best match” and “Best sellers” from sales count to revenue…


Facepalm. Well I guess it was to good to be true… I know non tag title starts to show up if you search for tracks that are priced very high as well, so it is same as always then. Party cancelled :neutral_face:


Are you sure about it?

Well, if that’s how it always was, then this thread is a false alarm. Guess the reason for that is I didn’t use the “Newest” option often enough in the past to notice the way it works. And it works well… substantially different :upside_down_face:

I thought Envato finally started to implement some tweaks to the search engine :wink:

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Hey, at least we had some happiness boost because of the happy news! :grin:

And I no sadness after I learned it always worked that way. No improvements to the search engine? Well, that’s just the way it always was, no loss :v:


Hi @AudioTrend!
The main thing is to have a positive result (well, they experiment for themselves (that is, without our opinion or influence)) so that our customers find what they are looking for faster (made a purchase).

I am absolutely sure that they will not say officially! And it is right! Search and change in search - this secret information. :slightly_smiling_face:

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