⚡ Insanely Simple Solution To Our Search Problem!

Hi everyone!

Not a secret we have a problem with the search. Especially with the titles. They look different.
Sometimes they’re ugly, sometimes they’re hilarious. Examples:
“Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Uplifting Motivational”
“Epic Cinematic is Epic Cinematic”

I don’t blame authors, we just do all we can to gain more exposure using what we are given.

But wait! What are these titles really are? They are tags! So…

An incredibly simple solution is what I want to propose here today.
It is actually scary that nothing similar has been implemented so far.

Please just look at the image and tell me what you think about it.

Would it improve our situation? Will it be any better than it currently is?
Please support this topic in any way you can if you want this change!


  • Professionally looking site (no current search page ugliness)
  • Emotion evoking titles
  • Authors feel good naming their tracks creatively



Insanely good idea!

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Insanely Simple Solution is Insanely Simple Solution.




I think this idea is great! :+1:

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Very good idea Audio Trend…!
I would keep the “Search Name” hidden and only visible to the author after uploading.

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I don’t get it. If the titles are now mere tags, why create a new field when we could just use the tags field? Wouldn’t stopping weighting in the title field and simply use the tags field instead, be an even simpler solution?

There are actually many possible solutions, all of which much better than what we have today. And yet despite having been asked to do something about this stupid situation for years, Envato has proven with their deafening silence, that they are not interested in fixing this ridiculous issue.


Because you should look at that field as “Power tags”. Just removing the title from search would mess up the search even more since 99% of all tracks use 75-100% of the same tags. Unfortunately, with music, there aren’t that many applicable words to choose from, especially not ones that customers use. Not much we can do about that.

The 30 tags function more as “lucky hits”, if a buyer happens to choose a longer combination or one of the rare more or less unique words some people choose. Mostly, however, the tags are actually not worth much.

I do, however, think that the potentially new “Search Name” field should be hidden from other users.

This change won’t change anything in terms of sales, but would create a nicer look.

The problem with audio is that there is only one way to quickly glance over 50 tracks - and that is the title. With images or footage, you can quickly scan 300 items, but it takes an incredibly long time to click play on 300 tracks to see if something fits. That is why I think they actually want keyword titles, because it’s easier for the customer. Doesn’t look pretty, but it’s business.


In fact it is not clear and very alarming that something like this has not yet appeared on Envato…
When I first saw the Envato search engine, I was really amazed and surprised. And then the authors of music can not be found on the Internet.
Let’s hope that maybe Envato pay attention.

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This is definitely true. But I think the search engine has come to a point now there is no turning back since it might be a fragile house of cards for the developers working with it. They are probably super scared to do any major changes that will create other unexpected problems etc. Especially unlikely that Envato would prioritise major keyword changes like this just for “little AJ” on the side of the Envato ecosystem.

Also we have authors with 200/500/1000+ tracks named with tag name or “Power Tags” as Flumen calls it, which is essentially what they are now. These authors might just want to leave their tracks as they are, with the creative title empty.

So I think the less the creative titles interfere with the current search engine system the better, as that might trigger Envato to prioritise something like this. Though most likely this topic will be in the archieve of ignored great author ideas here on the forum, but I still think it is worth a try, as doing something is a no brainer at this point. It is really awkward to be part of this search engine, and it makes us all look really really unprofessional.

It also makes customers feel/look unprofessional, who wants to even consider crediting Future Bass is Future Bass in their project?? Another title issue yes, but all together we are at an all time low now. Something needs to be done ASAP or we might just give up and rename this site to AudioJoke.net

Also @AudioTrend is it possible for you (or any other with skills) to do a mockup how it would possibly look in the search engine? If someone from Envato staff actually takes this idea further and pitches it to their managers it would be better if we make their job pitching it as easy as possible.

Obviously it would look 1000 times more professional if Creative Titles are visible in the search engine, but I know that there are some Google SEO benefits with the Search Name/Power Tags name as well, maybe it also is useful for customers to see the “Power Tags”?

Maybe it’s possible to show both titles in the search engine with more attention to the Creative Name?


I agree that it may be the case for some authors. If they wish to keep that funny unprofessional look, they can :blush: But I don’t think it is an issue. I believe that most authors will be more than happy to replace their “taggish” titles, and more importantly, to name their new tracks creatively. Since there will be no benefits of naming them in the old way.

Totally agree :rofl: It is also a sad thing to see that happening to great music :cry:

At the moment of creating that thread, I imagined it to look exactly the same as it is now but with good-looking meaningful titles instead of what we have now. So I guess it is quite easy to imagine that :blush:

You could be right. As I am not good in SEO, I can’t really comment on that. But if this is actually important to keep “power tags” visible, it can be done in different ways. One of non-instrusive ways is probably to do something like this. “Power tags” are discreet, yet visible to search engines. What do you think?


We already have that field and it’s called ‘Tags’.

It’s not difficult to guess what will happen: People will just use that new field like we’re using the title field now.

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I think that hoover over idea could work. Just wondering how useful it is for customers to actually see “Power Tags” quickly without doing anything. I guess a regular customer could probably shed some light on that, @promosapien maybe?

There should be enough space in the new design boxes to include “both titles” if it’s necessary.

For Google SEO I do not know much about it either, but if I am guessing, as long as the “Search Name/Power Tag” title is in the web link of the actual item it should not make any difference? I guess the item link is where Google finds the info?

As for some authors leaving creative title empty, an easy solution is just that if Creative Title is empty, then Search Name/Power Title is automatically used there.

Maybe some more brainstorming is needed here to cover all potential challenges (including how this will affect the search system in Elements when tracks are transferred over there) and then present it all to Envato? Possibly ask some developers first what is technically possible or not, to easy up the pitch.

Good point, maybe the creative name should not be something customers are able to search then. Or maybe just include the “Creative name” as a tag… then it might be searchable and not abused.

I do believe if you have an original/creative name in the tags the search engine is able to find it? Maybe we have to do a backwards approach to this…

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So why not just disable the capability to search tracks via the existing title field? This way we would avoid the hassle of filling even more information for the new field. Filling description and tags is enough for me, thanks :smiley: By the way, this software is like a breath of fresh air for me. I tried it a few days ago and works like a charm, it generates description and tags for you, detects bpm, fills upload webpage, etc. Does all the bullshit that I’m tired to do…

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This would probably be the best, but we will most likely be met with enormous resistance against this from Envato/developers who are afraid of touching the search engine in a major way, changes that can cause a series of other potential problems.

Not to mention every author with best selling items that have monopoly of the high traffic keywords in their titles, they would not be super keen to mess around with this system I suppose :slight_smile:

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Just tested this with one of my tracks, and it is working. If I include my creative name of the track in the tags, I easily find it by searching for the creative name. Of course it depends… if your “creative name” is inspiration, then you are in big competition again.

So ideally with this topics idea the Creative name should be in the mp3 preview as well I guess.

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The good idea for improving titiles!


That’s cool!

Basically, everything looks like the change we’re talking about is not a difficult one. At least on a surface. Currently, I didn’t see any solid arguments against this idea proving it hard to implement and/or unnecessary.

I am thankful to all the authors who support and contribute to this thread as we are moving towards a beautiful change. But sure this idea will be forgotten in case authors and buyers will not keep it alive. Right now I see a great interest in that topic from all of you guys, so let’s keep it rolling untill Envato notice huge importance of what we’re talking about here!

Thank you for joining the thread Kateryna! I wonder are you an author or a customer? It would be really cool to learn what buyers think about our current titles situation and about this proposal!



This solution would also help improve PRO registration issues, in addition to the added value of being able to communicate with potential buyers on a deeper creative level.