Titles.. Fed Up

I’m fed up with these stupid titles that are just adjectives - it makes AJ look really low rent. ARRRRRGGGGHHH Please do something @KingDog :sob:


totally agree!
It’s even doesn’t look good

Agreed with this, the price is already cheap. We need more professional title tracks. But if we do so our music will lost in abyss :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s not a great strategy, and one that will provide nothing more than a customer getting annoyed as we eventually make more changes to search.

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Oh good news, I thought using tag words in titles was forbidden… when was the rule changed…:thinking:

Not a good strategy???

It’s the difference between being a top seller or not.

Only when you change the search engine it will be a bad strategy.


Can you please tell about these changes?

I won’t know about any changes until they decide to implement them and tell the community. So ultimately I will probably find out when you do :smiley: