What keywords are better?

I was wondering about keywords.
I will try to explain it as much as I can, here it goes:

Some people and also myself, use keys like “action” or “driving” etc etc etc
And I was wondering if these keys are good enough.

Is maybe “action romantic” or “dramatic emotional” is better, 2 words in a keyword etc

Anyone knows and wants to share his secrects or want to hide it ? :smiley: What you think?

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Forget keywords here on AJ. Track titles are even in 2020 the main factor (since 7 years I´m here…).
This track title or derivatives work best: Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting ** :flushed: :face_vomiting:**

Those stupid track titles are still the key factor at AudioJungle and THIS is really mad.
Other places have been woken up and do not allow crackbrained track titles but real world track names without any keywords + 10 none visible tags max.

Brainless track names is the rule of the game, but if you want to sell tracks that are not me2 or copycats you need to go your own way and find a niche not many are selling here.

Good luck


Absolutely true ! Envato really needs to step up and do something about these awful AJ titles. I think they should reward originality, not discourage it.

Keywords can be useful for unique items from niches.

If this is correct I think we have a problem… :smiley:

problematic platform