Sorry, but this is just too much ...

Just received the Envato newsletter “Winning Sport & Gaming Creative”. Well i was curious about the tracks promoted in this weekly post so i clicked on the link and just could not believe my eyes :smiley:

The titles of the best selling tracks are just insane! How could this titles go trough the review??

Uplifting Corporate Ambient Motivation Inspirational and Upbeat


Corporate Motivational Inspiring Upbeat Uplifting & Energetic

Are we going to put all popular tags to titles? Seriously?

Sorry for the post and if admins consider to delete it, ok, no problem but this is really over the line - at least from my perspective.


Just a normal abuse of the trusted update. :wink:


I guess titles in my portfolio such as “Asylum” and “Creepy Psycho” will not feature so much in the SEO.


And customers have ton of “upbeat-uplifting-corporate-motivation” tracks.:joy:

Well, wait for the valentine romantic music week. That title looks promising :joy: :joy:


@PaBlikMM yeah i really don’t understand why that’s becoming allowed here, titles with 3 words is more than enough. Kind of amusing when you see a title like “Upbeat Inspiring Uplifting Motivation Energetic Corporate INSPIRATION” lmao :laughing:

mine fell off a long time ago.

You can easily see that URL says it was “upbeat-and-inspiring” and “the-corporate-upbeat” before trusted update. Its abuse of the trusted update and should be disabled for such authors.


Doesn’t surprise me. Authors will run out of ideas when there’s a search engine which prioritizes titles as keywords.

Unless it’s a track with 2000+ sales it will only be found on an exact search for all those tags, unless there aren’t enough tracks to match the assumed 2-3 word search.

I doubt many customers use more than 2-3 words when they search.