Track Titles?


I am curious about the track names if anybody can shed some insight. I’m noticing that track names for the most part all have adjectives or instrumentation i.e Happy Ukulele or Uplifting Corporate.
Is this way of naming tracks recommended? It seems that it would be clearer for the buyer to know what to expect. I just not sure about naming if I have multiple tracks in the same style.

I hope that makes sense any help would be appreciated! Just want to make sure I do the best I can with getting my tracks out there.

Thanks for the help!


It’s not necessarily recommended, but it’s how the search engine works. We’ve been talking about this for years. As of renaming tracks: you can do it by clicking Edit->Update item and tags. You can reupload the ZIP with renamed files (wich may cause a slighter longer review time), or you can leave it as is. When i download some other’s authors previews, i often see that the track’s name on the market and the name of the file are different, wich means that the item was renamed, but not the files uploaded.