Payoneer question


Payoneer send me email - I must upload bank statement and bank account
I don’t have bank account conected with payoneer

I have payoneer prepaid card for atm machines or buy something through store or on line

I was open payoneer prepaid card through/via Envato without bank account

some older replay from payoneer, but I think that’s that…

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January 2019
Hi there @Roj . As @rashid01 said it is easy to do so. All you have to do is register for a Payoneer account through a company we partner with. Please just note that company must offer the prepaid card method of payment for this to work.

so what now ?


What did they say when you told them that you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to have your bank account associated with your Payoneer account?

I’m using the prepaid card also and due to recent problems with the card issuer for Payoneer they’ve send an email to all users to verify their account ,I was asked for a proof of verification of the account to provide government issued id or bank statement as a valid proof.
So if it’s the same thing they’re asking from you just go to your local bank where you have your account ( it doesn’t have to be connected with Payoneer in any way ) and ask them to give you a bank confirmation document with today’s date that will say that you have a active/valid account in that bank in that country and upload that document on your Payoneer account


Yesterday I was send question (waiting) but I see in payoneer forums lot’s of people have problem with respond from payoneer
I will wait or like MusicDog sad I will open account and send statement and other data


Thanks for reply


Hey there
The same problem her after the issue of Wirecard and transfer most of cards to Payoneer Europe Limited, They want more verification for Identity and Address for most of clients but the real problem that need to resolve quickly that they won’t issue new cards unless they complete the verification process for each client and it take really a lot of time which will cause more delay and worst scenario that pend our payment in other way freeze our accounts and for that I think most of us in countries that have different documents with different criteria will be difficult to continue our businesss on the net. For me I uploaded an official document as a proof of address but it was rejected after more than 25 days and now upload a electricity bill and wait hoping they will approve it. I am afraid it is going to be a serious problem for most of us and this is my feeling plus they didn’t respond to online chat like before and these are my fears only. I hope that I am wrong with that. In the next few days I will make a bank account and get a statement. I will send them every thing I have and wait.


all in all we can send them whatever they want - I can send my naked photo :slight_smile: so we will see…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Me Too

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Same here. supplied a bank statement on November 5th and still waiting for a reply, but given the number of people facing rejections it doesn’t bode well at all. What i don’t get is why the super tight time-frame that doesn’t leave much room for adjustments / re-submissions. I’m guessing they’re trying to push users to apply for a new card in the worst possible way. There doesn’t seem to be any leniency towards docs that don’t fit their ‘perfect’ criteria for what an address verification should look like. It’s times like these (such as the wirecard fiasco in July) that make me wish skrill was still a withdrawal option here.

Don’t wait get on the live chat with them it’ll be quicker to resolve the matter

Tried the live chat. waited for 30 minutes before i was answered by an agent. He asked to provide my date of birth then asked me to wait. After 10 minutes they disconnected me ‘due to inactivity’ then removed my live chat option!
Payoneer everybody.


They want now three things :

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Rental Contract
  3. Utility Bills
    But not one of them, they will agree with it as I tried the bank statement and it was rejected plus utility bill is rejected too. Do you think I must rent an house to fix the problem? It is not a reasonable choice too. I think many of freelancers and people who work online on these marketplace will be stop from working online at the end but it is a matter of time unless our market interfere to stop this miserable situation.
    They agree about us from the beginning and they knew the facts about our countries systems are not advanced as they ask to provide now because it is not reasonable to ask someone in a poor and old system country to provide documents like someone in advanced places like United State or German, etc…
    In the end, I think we will be kicked out of the game…
    I hope that I am wrong.
    I hope Envato has a way to keep us in the game.
    @SpaceStockFootage @MusicDog @3dbacks @Abdelrahman_El-masry

Pplease note that your account is now approved and ready to receive payments from your clients or funding source. The ID and other submitted document will be review once we receive one of your payment or required by the Approval Department

Payoneer replay - I’m not sure 100% what they mean but I hope I’m OK - we will see

Call them, a little bit complex procedure, but it works. Just prepare your secret PIN for the answering machine before they connect you with support agent.

Hi dear friends,
I just wanted to let you know that I have just received the email below, after a MONTH.
I didn’t send them any email as to why it took that long etc., but anyway, here we go:


Yeah I’ve got the same one

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This could be because payoneer moved to Ireland with cards ;] maybe

Hello @Bedros,
Did they approve your proof of residence in your verification center in Payoneer account ?
Or just send you an email and still your documents under review ?
Can you elaborate more, Please ?


My card expires in 2023.
(So it’s not that I requested a new card)

They just sent me an email (whose screenshot I’d posted above.)

After receiving your message I checked my Payoneer account and guess what?

  • I have a “notification”, letting me know that my card(s) will remain active (no different than the email)

  • And my “documents” are still under review. :thinking:
    The only document that they had requested was my passport.
    They didn’t ask for a “proof of residence”.

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