Getting paid through Payoneer

As I looked through the payment options now when I decided to move away from Paypal, I decided that Payoneer was looking really attractive as my next payment service. I chose the “global bank transfer” option, but now afterwards I changed my mind and felt that I would like to go with their “prepaid master card” service instead. Problem is, now under my withdrawals page Envato just say “Your Payoneer account is set up.”. Can I not change this?

Or maybe I am confused about this. After envato sends my payment to Payoneer, can I log in to Payoneer and choose between withdrawing the funds to either the prepaid master card or to bank account?

I’m guessing there isn’t an option to withdraw to a Payoneer prepaid card, but any money you do withdraw to Payoneer is then available to spend using a Payoneer prepaid card. Like I have a prepaid card for Paypal, but I don’t withdraw directly to it, I just withdraw to Paypal.

Ah ok I see. So the money actually gets “held” in my Payoneer account just as on Paypal, and doesn’t go directly from audiojungle - Payoneer bank transfer - my bank account automatically?

I can’t say 100% for certain, but that’s how it works with most places where they have a prepaid card. You withdraw to Skrill or Payoneer or Paypal and then you use your prepaid card to draw from that balance, or transfer to a bank. I could be wrong. I considered clicking ‘change your default withdrawal’ to see what the options were so I could better advise, and then cancel it before making any actual changes… but didn’t want to risk it when my withdrawals should be going through in a few hours!

Best to drop a line to support for clarification. be on the safe side.

Okay, thanks for your help but I’m still as confused about this. Here’s what it says on Envato’s Payoneer FAQ:

To receive earnings via Payoneer, go to the Withdrawals page of your Envato Market account and select the Payoneer option, then Click here to register.

This will take you to the Payoneer website where you can sign up to one of the Payoneer withdrawal options, and will ensure that that account is automatically linked to your Envato Market account.

You can either order the Payoneer card or sign up for the Global Bank Transfer service. You need to sign up for one or the other – you can’t have the Payoneer card and also receive payments to your bank account.

I sent over a message to the support team instead.