PayPal vs. Payoneer in EUR countries

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Simple question: When receiving a withdrawal from Envato to an Euro Bank Account, is it better (cheaper) to use Payoneer instead of PayPal?


Paypal is cheaper. No cost for having the funds deposited in your Paypal account. No cost for transferring funds to your bank account and no charge for transferring money to your Paypal prepaid card and finally no charge when withdrawing from ATM.

Additionally if you need to buy goods online I find Paypal so much more convenient too.

Used Payoneer when it first came out for the first month and ditched it because they were charging to have the money deposited in my Payoneer account and also had charges for withdrawals from ATM IIRC. Most likely had extra charges also when transferring funds to your bank which I have not tried but wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

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I agree with @Typps.

I have been using PayPal over 5 years and it sounds better option. Payoneer charges annually for the credit card and when you use it at the ATM, the exchange rate is ridiculous. ( They also charge for transaction even if it’s unsuccessful )

Just used Payoneer for 2 months and that was enough. Most of the people uses Payoneer because of PayPal doesn’t work in their countries


Payoneer charges around $30 per year. To desopit funds u will have to pay $2 to $5. Transfer of funds from payoneer to to ur bank account is free.

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Thanks for all the hints!

Can I avoid the annual fee by dismissing the master card or is it obligatory?

Such a pain to find some information. Payoneer says the fee depends on the marketplace, but in Envatos FAQ for Payoneer they write about SWIFT fees and not about Payoneer: