Payoneer withdrawals

Can anyone tell me how to change Payoneer withdrawal (from one card to another)? My card is expired and I got a new with the different card number.

Login and activate the new card

Yes I’m login but do not see any option for editing card except “Change default account” in Withdrawals (where only can choose the mode of payment, PayPal - Payoneer - Skrill or Swift)

If your new card is the same account as the old one, no need to make changes on Envato side. My Payoneer card expired last year and I got the replacement, but there was no need to change anything on Envato side. Envato connects to your Payoneer account, not the card you have there.

Yes is the same account but different number, so I thought it should be changed in Payoneer settings. Thanks dude!

Login and activate the card at Payoneer, not at Envato

As ki-themes said, if you have not yet done so, you need to activate new card on Payoneer. Envato doesn’t require any changes.

I thought Envato requires changes, for Payoneer I know. Thanks!

As long as you don’t change your email address (Payoneer) no need to update Envato settings

Ok, thanks man