How I can change my payoneer account in withdrawal

I want to change my payoneer account in withdrawal , How !

How do you mean you want to change your Payoneer Account?

@KingDog I see you working hard, need some help :slightly_smiling:

my payoneer acount has stoped
I want to link another payoneer account to envato

Have you tried changing your default account?

No need to link new Payoneer card again, all transfers will be automatically transferred to new card.
Just check inside Payoneer
do you have Envato Pty Ltd. as a funding source linked with ID to your new card?

I can,t

I can,t open my payoneer account it has been blocked

Then try to contact @Nissim_Payoneer he can help you if your account is clean.

I have the same problem :frowning:
Could you solve it bro??

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