How can I change payoneer account with my new payoneer?

Hello my payoneer account is closed. I’ve new one payoneer. How can i change with new payoneer?
Can those who have been doing that before please give information?


You should be able to do that here.

Thanks for answer. But there are already linked my old payoneer and not changing.I need link to new payoneer account.

Mine is with Paypal, but I imagine Payoneer should be similar. You just need to click Set Account, then “Pay with a different account” near the bottom.

There are don’t have any change button. Just set payout account and there are apply already linked my old payoneer account.

Oh interesting. In that case it might be a good idea to contact Envato Support.

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Thanks for answer XioxGraphix

Hey @EfsoTheme,

Open a Help Ticket From Envato author help center & Payoneer Help Center through your old payoneer account .
Envato Support Team Give you a id! share that id with payoneer support team when they ask about id, then payoneer support team will removed your old payoneer account from envato market then you can add new account at Envato market.



Hello @EfsoTheme ! As correctly noted @unlockdesign ! All questions about setting up withdrawals (payouts) are solved only by Envato support!
Good luck!

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